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CCE – Character and Citizenship Education

Programme Objective: 

To develop every student in SJC to become persons who will embrace the school values, be of strong character and are equipped to know and achieve their purpose in lives.


Key Focus and Rationale:

Our key focus is to prepare our students to face rapid and continuous changes in the world today. Our students need tenacity, courage and resilience to face the challenges ahead. We aim to provide them with the means to manage their emotions and relationships with others, as well as to make responsible decisions.

 Innovative Programmes / Curriculum:

Our Character and Citizenship Education programmes focus on the key social and emotional competencies of the Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Framework, which include self awareness, self management, social awareness, relationship management and responsible decision making.

All students from Sec 1 – 5 are involved in the Level Camps focusing on the various themes:

Framework for level camps

Engaged and Empowered Learners:

Activities to strengthen teacher-student relationship: 

  • Level Camps
  • Customised CCE lessons
  • Connexion Time
  • Student Profiling
  • Reflective Journaling
  • Counselling
  • Discipline with Respect


Effective Leaders:

Building students' leadership capacity: 

  • Customised CCE lessons (Everyday Leadership)
  • Leadership Training Camp (LTC)
  • Train the Trainers Part 1 & 2 (TTT)
  • Normal (Academic) Outreach programme by school councillors
  • Organisation of Sec 1 Orientation Camp Spirito by leaders from LTC
  • Overseas Values-In-Action (VIA) Programmes (School/Cluster)
  • Equipping Educators Programme for teachers to equip them with the skills to develop leadership in their students


Eloquent Individuals:


Strong Ethics:

  • Local and Overseas VIA
  • Morning Reflections
  • Reflective Journaling on school values and on leadership competencies
  • Higher-ability classes: Mentoring and Befriending Programme
  • Religious Education Programme
  • Aesthetics Programme infuses discussions of social, moral and environmental issues 


Counselling Programme: 

The school takes a proactive approach in reaching out to students in need of emotional, mental, psychological, spiritual and financial help. This is done through the various programmes carried out by the FTSC with invaluable help from our Parents.


Rainbows Programme: 

The most popular is the Rainbows Programme, a peer support group for Secondary 1 to 3 students from single-parent homes. Parents help as Rainbows Programme Facilitators.


Enhanced Step-Up Programme: 

2010 saw the start of the Enhanced Step-Up Programme developed and funded by the Ministry of Community Development and Sports. It is a 12-month programme designed to support students who face challenges that affect their school experience, in and out of school.

Our school works in collaboration with the Students Care Service (Hougang Centre) on the Enhanced Step Up Programme.

The school works in collaboration with the following organisations to help our girls and their families more effectively.
(i) Family Service Centres: Ang Mo Kio FSC, Convenant FSC, HELP FSC and Sheng Hong FSC and Pasir Ris FSC
(ii) Students Care Service
(iii) Children's Society
(iv) The REACH Team of the Institute of Mental Health
(v) Beyond Social Service
(vii) Salvation Army


Talks and Workshops: 

The FTSC gives talks to teachers and students yearly, to empower them with knowledge and skills to help them improve in their work. She also conducts Parenting Talks to help parents in their parenting skills.

 Reaching out to the Families of Our Students:

The FTSC carries out home visits to reach out to families. The social workers are invited along while on her home visits to build rapport with the families and the social workers working on the cases.

Breadline Programme was started on the 20th of August 2009 with the intention to allow students on the Financial Assistance Scheme to have a taste of designer bread and pastries. A wide variety of bread and pastries are delivered and packed by parent volunteers. This spread is laid out outside the Counselling Room on Level 2 of the 'E' Block of the school building for students to help themselves.  The bread is donated by Sweet Secrets Pte Ltd.

Monthly Provision of Grocery:

The school works with Willing Hearts Organisation as an outreach programme for the families of students in need. The monthly grocery of affected families is brought to the school once a month.

The FTSC does the delivery of the grocery items to each family, using the home visits as opportunities to foster a closer relationship. This gesture of goodwill has enabled the school to extend help beyond the provision of financial support.


Fund Raising Projects:

Fund raising is carried out to provide additional financial help to our students. The 'Healthy Lifestyle & Charity Week' - a Youth Day Celebration was organised to instill in students the values of compassion, love, empathy, delayed self-gratification and healthy living habits. All the money saved during the week in their conscious effort to eat healthy was donated to The Community Chest of Singapore.


The Reading Programme:

This Programme was started to help the students who needed special attention and care in helping them to improve their reading and comprehension skills so that they would not be left behind in their pursuit of their academic goals. Parent volunteers and alumnus volunteers carry out a structured schedule during the reading period within the school curriculum.


Mothers Prayer Group:

The Mothers Prayer Group was started in March 2009.  The objective is to have a group of parents who would pray together and support one another in their roles as mothers.

As Singapore is in the process of incorporating inclusive education, there is a strong need for a parent prayer support group who can pray together and share their experiences in parenting daughters, and support one another through prayers.

The group meets twice a month to pray together for our girls. They join the First Friday Masses and major mass celebrations of the school.