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CCE – Character and Citizenship Education

Programme Objective: 

To develop every student in SJC to become persons who will embrace the school values, be of strong character and are equipped to know and achieve their purpose in lives. 

Key Focus and Rationale:

OurO key focus is to prepare our students to face rapid and continuous changes in the world today. Our students need tenacity, courage and resilience to face the challenges ahead. We aim to provide them with the means to manage their emotions and relationships with others, as well as to make responsible decisions.

 Innovative Programmes / Curriculum:

Our Character and Citizenship Education programmes focus on the key social and emotional competencies of the Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Framework, which include self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship management and responsible decision making.

All students from Sec 1 – 5 are involved in the Level Camps focusing on the various themes:

Framework for level camps


Engaged and Empowered Learners:
Activities to strengthen teacher-student relationship: 

    • Level Camps
    • Customised CCE lessons
    • Student Profiling
    • Reflective Journaling
    • Counselling
    • Discipline with Respect


          Effective Leaders:

          Building students' leadership capacity: 

          • Customised CCE lessons (Everyday Leadership)
          • Leadership Training Camp (LTC)
          • Train the Trainers Part 1 & 2 (TTT)
          • Normal (Academic) Outreach programme by school councillors
          • Organisation of Sec 1 Orientation Camp Spirito by leaders from LTC


          Eloquent Individuals:


          Strong Ethics:

          • Values-In-Action (VIA) programmes using the Learning for Life Programme approach 
          • Daily Morning Reflections
          • Reflective Journaling on school values and on leadership competencies
          • Religious Education (RE) Programme
          • Aesthetics Programme infuses discussions of social, moral and environmental issues 


          CCE Curriculum 

          The CCE curriculum includes modules such as national education, CMECS, sexuality education, leadership, values-in-action, environmental education, cyberwellness and education and career guidance.  Reflective journaling is widely used in CCE. It has the added benefit of improving the self-awareness and self-management while providing a foundation for social-awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision making. 

          Education and Career Guidance (ECG)

          To equip the students with the necessary knowledge, skills and values to make informed education and career decisions, SJC has a comprehensive Education and Career Guidance (ECG) programme. Through ECG, we hope students will be encouraged to discover more about their own interests, abilities and passions. Programmes are planned based on student needs survey results and feedback.  For instance, the Secondary 3 cohort participated in the Industry Visit of their choice for Careers Day as part of their ECG programme. The objective of the event is to provide an opportunity for students to gain a realistic view of an industry of their interest through interactions with professionals of the field of their choice. Through this, we hope that our students can know themselves better, explore their interest and more importantly, understand the world of work and work towards their goals.  

          In enhancing the students’ learning outcomes and provide support for preparing students for post-secondary education, the school partners the various junior colleges and tertiary institutions in their various outreach programmes.  SJC has worked with the local universities to take the graduating cohorts on learning journeys to the varsity campuses to provide them with insights of a university education as well as to motivate them to build their dreams to excel. Polytechnic and ITE experiences are also included to help students make choices for their post-secondary education.

          The school has also worked with parents and the alumnae to customise work attachment stints for our Secondary 3 students. Through this experience, we hope students will get real-world experiences that progressively prepare them to be work-ready.

          We also have our ECG Counsellor who provides individual counselling or group guidance for students in education and career choices.

          Counselling Programme: 

          The school takes a proactive approach in reaching out to students in need of emotional, mental, psychological, spiritual and financial help. This is done through the various programmes carried out by the team with invaluable help from our community stake holders and parents.


          Rainbows Programme: 

          The Rainbows Programme is a peer support programme for students who are going through grief and loss as well as those who are adjusting to change in the family structure.  We are blessed with parent volunteers who devote their time, care and love to our students from Secondary One to Three.


          Grocery Line: 

          The Willing Hearts Organisation provides the monthly provision of grocery to the school. The volunteer, Mr Francis Tay, delivers the monthly provision once a month. Families of our students who are on the MOE Financial Assistance Scheme benefit from this Programme. The grocery is personally delivered to them.

          The Breadline Programme:

          This programme is funded by two of our school alumnus. The halal pastry, cakes and buns are individually wrapped for the financially needy students who need breakfast in the mornings. The baskets of items are laid out on Tuesdays and Thursdays of the week.

          Parents’ Prayer Group:

          The Parents’ Prayer Group held prayer meetings twice monthly on the first Monday and third Thursday of every month during term time. The Monday sessions are conducted from 7.15am to 7.45am to encourage more parents to come together in prayer, after they have sent their daughters to school in the mornings. 

          The Parents’ Prayer group is a close knit community of mums and dads who usually get together after prayers to eat breakfast and engage in meaningful fellowship.

          We would like to invite more mothers to come and be a part of this growing family of mothers who pray together for all God's children.

          Parenting Talks:

          The school organises Parenting Talks/workshops to empower parents with parenting skills. 

          It is important that our parents work together with the school in the education of our teenage girls.


          Reading Programme:

          The Reading Programme, started in 2012, supports students with special needs who have opted out of Mother Tongue. The focus of this programme is to help students with special needs to improve their reading skills with the objective of developing their reading fluency, comprehension and vocabulary. 
          Every student is an individual and there is no one-fits-all method to support the students. In the reading programme, the students benefited from the weekly reading practices and differentiated approach catered to their learning needs.