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At the 2013 SYF, we achieved a total of 6 Certificates of Distinction and 2 Certificates of Accomplishment. Our Debate girls have progressively improved from being champions in Division 3 (2009) to being champions in Division 2 (2011) to being in the top 8 in Division 1 competitions since 2012.  We achieved Gold academic value added (Express) and Bronze (Normal) in the 2013 and 2012 GCE “O’ Level Examinations.  Our Netball Team is the 2014 Division ‘B’ Zonal Champion and we are Top 16 nationally. 

School Awards  

  • Character Development Award·
  • Sustained Academic Value-added for Express
  • Academic Value-added for Express (Gold)
  • Academic Value-added for Normal (Bronze)
  • Cherish Award (Silver)
  • Sustained Achievement Award for Uniformed Groups
  • Sustained Achievement Award for Aesthetics
  • National Arts Education Award (Spark)

Awards in Sports

  • National Inter School Track & Field Championships B Division Javelin (2nd position)

Performing Arts

  2013 SYF
Angklung Ensemble Distinction
Concert  Band Accomplishment
Centrestage Distinction
Choir Distinction
Modern Dance Distinction
Indian Dance Distinction
Guitar Ensemble Accomplishment
Handbell Ensemble Distinction