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School Crest & Flag

School Crest

Our School Crest

CHIJ St. Joseph's Convent shares the same crest and motto as the IJ Convents all over the world.

Emblazoned on the crest is our motto:
"Simple in Virtue, Steadfast in Duty"

"Simple in Virtue”, translates to being honest with oneself in the pursuit of truth & to be respectful of the rights of others. To be “Steadfast in Duty”, translates to strength of character in the undertaking of responsibilities & duties in the service of others.

As a Catholic mission school, we also embrace the spiritual dimension.  The term “virtue” means a genuine desire to seek the Will of God and “duty” is our response to God’s call. In essence, we are called to love God & our fellow-man – simple enough to remember, but again requiring a lifetime of practice!!

We now look at the design of our School Badge or our School Crest, bearing mind that our School Motto is centred on ‘Love’.

This badge is a symbol of international unity, binding together IJ pupils throughout the world, especially in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand & Japan.

The colour of the central shield is ‘Red’ - once again - conveying the all embracing message of ‘Love’.  This red shield has a silver band edged in gold running across it.

On the top right hand corner of the shield is an ‘open book’ & a ‘rosary’ resting on the open book – the ‘open book’ represents the Gospels, which discloses the Christian values & principles which govern the way we should function in our schools.  The ‘rosary’ resting on the Gospels reminds us of the biblical stories enjoyed through the prayers of Our Lady, Queen of Peace.

On the bottom left hand corner of the shield are the ‘Distaff & Spindle’ – symbols of womanly labour, reminding us of the virtue of hard work & the fulfillment that it offers.

On top of the shield is a gold ‘Cross’ highlighting that we are at all times a Christ-centred School – where Christ is the source of our inspiration, our dedication & our fidelity.

Lastly the red shield is encircled by a ‘Garland of Marguerites’ – lovely little white flowers reminding us of pureness of heart & simplicity in our relationship with God & with our fellow-man.

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Our School Flag