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Principal's Message

Ms Susie Ho
2016 is an exciting year as we begin a new chapter in our nation’s history after SG50 last year.   As we celebrate SJC’s 78th Anniversary, our theme for this year is SJC Heartbeat - Passion, Aspirations, Dreams. We have encapsulated this theme into a compilation which is an ideation of Singapore’s future by our students and staff who were inspired by the Future of Us Exhibition which concluded the SG50 celebrations. Vol I centres around two key chapters of environmental sustainability as well as strengthening and extending the foundations of our community spirit in Singapore’s roadmap for the future.  Vol 2  features ideation about how technology can create connections that will inspire and transform learning and communication to create future-ready students.

At SJC, we are driven by our mission to create a Christ-centred school community for the promotion of truth, justice, freedom and love, with special reference to the needs of persons who are disadvantaged in any way. In so doing, we envisage to develop our girls into women of integrity with the passion to pursue excellence. 

Our SJC girls have continued to grow and do well. We have improved steadily in MOE’s banding for the NT Indicator over the last few years. This indicator tracks the school’s cohort of NT students from entry to graduation in the areas of achievements in EL, Maths, CCA participation and school attendance. Our Sec 4NA girls have made steady improvements in their GCE NA Exam performance in terms of EMB3 with respectable value-add, and hence eligibility for Sec 5, as well as eligibility for the Polytechnic Foundation Programme which we made a breakthrough in 2014. Our good work in developing our Normal Course students is also evident when we were one of the three schools to be awarded the Lee Hsien Loong Award for Innovations in the Normal Course last year.

We have continued to achieve value-added results in the GCE O Level Examinations. Our Sec 4 Express has an overall value-add of 3.7 and our Sec 5NA girls have achieved a value-add of 2.1 which is a breakthrough in terms of value-add over the last few years. Both our Sec 4 Express and Sec 5 girls have sustained their high performance in the eligibility rate for Polytechnics. Our Sec 4 Express girls have improved in their eligibility for JCs. Our Sec 5 girls are doing well with many qualifying for the Polytechnic Foundation Programme. All in all, SJC has delivered value-added outcomes in our girls’ academic learning for both the Express and Normal streams.

Our girls’ learning will not be complete without co-curricular activities which provide a critical platform for character building. We are proud to have two recipients for the Singapore Schools Sports Council Colours Award; they are Heng Wai Yee Elia of Sec 3E for netball and Megan Chin Ying Xuan of Sec 3C for Taekwondo. Our netball girls achieved a breakthrough this year with both ‘B’ and ‘C’ Divisions emerging as national top eight. In shooting, Dayna Ang of Sec 4G clinched the 8th position in the ‘B’ Division National Shooting Championships. In swimming, we finished top eight in the National Schools Swimming Championships. For uniformed groups, our NPCC girls clinched the Unit Overall Proficiency Gold Award, our Girl Guides the Puan Noor Aishah Silver Award and the St John Ambulance Brigade the Corps’ Achievement Silver Award.

All these achievements would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of the staff. My appreciation goes to all SJC teachers for their steadfast love and belief in every student, as well as the guidance and strong support from the IJ Board of Management and all partners, our PSG and Alumni, and not forgetting the enthusiasm of our students, to whom we wish to bring greater joy of learning through continuous improvement.

Ms Susie Ho