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This page documents frequently asked questions from prospective parents and students about our school and admission. 

You can scroll through the page or search for questions by typing “Ctrl-F” (search function of your browser) and searching by key words (e.g. “fees”).

(1)  What are the school fees?
(2)  What are the start-time for regular school days?

(3)  What is the cohort intake?
      • In general, the Sec 1 level of our cohort will have about 200 Express, 80 Normal Academic and 40 Normal Technical students for a total of around 320 students per cohort.

(4)  Do I / does my daughter need to attend religious programmes?
      • As a government-aided School and also mission school, our school empahsizes universal values such as love, integrity and humility in our curriculum and programmes.
      • There are spirituality development programmes for Catholic students. These include Religious and Moral Education sessions, etc.
      • Non-Catholic students are not required to attend these Catholic programmes except masses conducted at mass assembly.
      • Parents are welcome to attend the masses.

(5)  What is the Cut-Off-Point (COP) for your school?
      • For 2019 Level 1 Express cohort, the non-affiliation COP was 237; the affiliation COP was 200.
      • For 2019 P6 students applying for admission into CHIJ St. Joseph’s Convent in 2019, the COP may differ and would depend on the PSLE T-score of those students who apply.

(6)  What are the available CCAs? Can I / my daughter join more than one CCA?
      • Our school requires all students to choose a main CCA from either the Physical Sports, Uniformed Groups, Performing Arts CCAs or Club/Societies.
      • Students are discouraged from joining more than one CCA, as students are expected to have a balanced and holistic development.
      • Our school offers the following CCAs: 
            • Sports & Games: Fencing, Netball, Swimming, Shooting, Table Tennis, and Volleyball.
            • Uniformed Groups: Girl Guides, National Police Cadet Corp, and St John Brigade.
            • Performing Arts: Angklung & Kulintang Ensemble, Centrestage (English Drama), Choir, Concert Band, Dance Ensemble – Indian & Modern, Guitar Ensemble, Handbell / Handchimes Ensemble.
            • Club/Society: Debate Circle, IJ Youth Mission, Media and Publication, and Pixel Playhouse (video/photography/animation).

(7)  How do I travel to CHIJ St. Joseph’s Convent via public transport?
      • Our school is accessible via buses and the MRT - Sengkang MRT station.
      • 62, Sengang East Way runs alongside the CHIJ St. Joseph’s campus, and it is plied by buses 50, 82, 86, 88, 119.

(8)  How do I learn more about Catholic Junior College (CJC)?

(9)  Can I / can my daughter bring her mobile phone to school?
      • CHIJ SJC allows students to bring their mobile phone to school as a mean for contacting their family. However, students must keep away their phones which are switched off or on silent mode (in their bag) until the end of the timetabled lessons, so as to ensure they stay focused on lessons and make good use of their time during breaks.
      • Students are expected to be disciplined. Students are only allowed to use their handphones / electronic devices (such as MP3/ I-pod/ laptops) in the canteen and concourse area after school hours. Students should not charge their handphones or other electronic devices in school.
      • You may wish to refer to https://chijstjosephsconvent.moe.edu.sg/school-information/school-rules-and-regulations

<Last updated 28 November 2019>