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Parenting Resources

Information on choosing subject combination (Humanities) for Sec 2 Streaming

Parents’ Resources on Providing Social and Emotional Support for your Children

Please click on the links below for Parents’ Resources for:

  1. Support Your Child Through Secondary School
    1. Supporting your daughter through transitions (Primary school to Sec 1)
    2. Supporting your daughter through transitions (Lower Sec to Sec 3)

  1. Resilience Boasters

  1. Raising Confident Children

  1. Practising Cyber-Wellness

  1. Setting realistic expectations with your child

  1. Building your child’s confidence through Praise

  1. “Is your child too stressed” Infographic

  1. Encouraging your child to be Thankful

9. How can you coach your teenager to cope with difficult feelings? 
     5 Steps to coach your teenagers with difficult feelings (pdf)

10. Developing Healthy Routines. Caring for your Secondary School Teenagers

11. Managing Teen's Screentime during School Holidays

Parent Kit
Parenting with MOE.jpgMy Independent Learner.png
In this issue of Parent Kit, we celebrate how HBL and parents’ efforts have made our children more independent, and provide tips on how you can ride on this momentum to give your child space to learn and grow in confidence.
Recommended for: Parents of Pri and Lower Sec students

Parent Kit
Parenting with MOE.jpgCyber Wellness for Your Child.png
In this issue of Parent Kit, we update you on MOE’s efforts in guiding our children to use devices responsibly, and provide tips on how you can care for your child’s cyber wellness and digital literacy at home.
Recommended for: Parents of Primary and Sec students