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Family Matters @ School

FamilyMatters@School is a school-based programme that offers parents and students easy access to family life education (FLE) programmes and resources.

Started in 2002, the programme seeks to:
a) Equip parents with the skills and knowledge to:
      • Enrich and strengthen their family life; and
      • Foster better parent-child understanding and relationship;
b) Equip students with:
      • Skills to build healthy relationships with their peers and family; and
      • Positive values and attitudes towards family, relationships and life in general

Under the FamilyMatters@School programme, the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) provides evidence-based parenting programmes* to further enhance parent–child relationships. CHIJ SJC is one of the schools onboard this programme, in partnership with Methodist Welfare Services and MSF.

Triple P: Positive Parenting Programme (under FamilyMatters@School)

      • To improve parental skills, knowledge and confidence as well as the quality of parent-child relationships.
      • It aims to prevent behavioural, emotional, skills and developmental problems in children.

The following video gives a quick introduction to the Positive Parenting Programme, Triple P in short, which is the evidence-based parenting programme MSF is offering Sec 1 & 2 parents.

MSF Promotional video introducing Triple P

Information for Levels 2 – 4 Triple P

  • Click here for information on Triple P Level 2 for parents
  • Click here for information on Triple P Level 3 for parents
  • Click here for information on Triple P Level 4 for parents

Delivery Format:

  1. Triple P Level 2: 3 X 2 hour seminars spread over the course of the year, for parents who are generally coping well but have some concerns with their children’s behaviour.
      • Secondary Seminar Topics:
      1. Power of Positive Parenting,
      2. Raising Responsible Teenagers,
      3. Raising Competent Teenagers

  1. Triple P (Level 3): Delivered as brief face-to-face intervention with a trained Triple P service provider. Approximately four individual consultations of up to 45 minutes.

For more information, please click on the links below:
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