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Our Objective

In alignment to the school's mission “where all SJCians work together for the promotion of truth, justice, freedom and love, with special reference to the needs of persons who are disadvantaged in any way”, it is our goal to imbue in our students the value of love for all and to develop sensitivity and empathy towards others.

Our Approach

SJCians’ VIA experience encompasses opportunities to hear from different organisations, participate in various activities to learn more about the community, environment and evolving issues around the world. The VIA Programme seeks to empower learners by providing students a voice and ownership in the outreach they would like to undertake and advocate through a structured thematic approach. Sec 1 – 3 students will be participating in school-initiated projects whilst the Sec 4/5 students will be given autonomy to select a project that they are passionate about.Reflections are also key to the experience as the school seeks to develop 21st century competencies, socio-emotional competencies and nurture the school values of Love, Integrity, Graciousness, Humility and Tenacity.

Student leaders in their various CCAs or school leadership groups can also initiate VIA projects with the same approach as experienced in their classes, providing opportunities for them to practice inspirational leadership.

The SJC VIA experience forms part of the school’s Learning for Life Programme (LLP) for all our students where they have opportunity to develop empathy and critical thinking through Community Problem Solving.

You can read more about LLP here.

Sec 1s upcycled used milk cartons into hundreds of butterflies to liven up the Level 1 corridor – and a new ‘Green Space’ for sharing sustainability-related messages.

Sharing insights and experiences from our Values in Action projects with the rest of the school community in the VIA Fiesta!