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Student Leadership Development


  • To nurture the leadership potential in all our students.
  • To equip our students with an understanding of key leadership principles, and guide and train them to take on greater responsibilities.

Our Approach

We believe that each girl has the potential to lead others. We will provide opportunities for students to experience leadership roles and equip them to lead more effectively. 

Our Desired Outcome

Student leaders who inspire others.

Our Student Leadership Framework

Our framework comprises 3 tiers:

Tier 1: Self and Small Group Leadership

    • All students receive equipping during CCE lessons to prepare them for leadership roles in the future, as a supporting member of a team who participates in various school and community events.
Small Group Leadership:
    • 'Everyone has a role to play' - students encouraged to take leadership roles as subject/functional representatives in class, or as junior leaders in CCAs.

Tier 2: Class and Junior CCA Leadership
    • Class Monitors and Peer Support Leaders comprise ‘Class Leaders’ who help manage the overall environment of the class, well-being of their peers, and help organize certain activities for the class.  Junior CCA leaders are lower secondary ExCo members of CCA.

Tier 3: School & Senior CCA Leadership
    • School Councillors and Sports Leaders organize cohort or school level activities.  Senior CCA Leaders help lead their CCA programmes and training.  

Equipping for Leadership

Equipping includes leadership-related lessons, training and enrichment activities which provides basic theory and soft skills for their respective roles.

For instance, Class Monitors, Peer Support Leaders, CCA Leaders, Sports Leaders or School Councilors receive equipping in facilitating discussions, planning and event organizing, public communication, etc, as their roles require.

The ‘Leadership Challenge Model’ (LCM) by Kouzes and Pozner underpins our Student Leadership Development programme.  The 5 practices (Modelling the Way, Inspiring a Shared Vision, Challenging the Process, Enabling Others to Act, and Encouraging the Heart) are progressively introduced to students in their respective student leadership roles. 

Platforms for Student Leadership

Leadership RolesLeadership Platforms
Class CommitteeIntra- & Inter-Class subject-based activities
MonitorsInter-Class challenge activities, Student Voices 
Peer Support LeadersClass Peer Bonding activities 
CCA Leaders CCA Orientation Experience, CCA Competitions, CCA Camps, leading CCA training, CCA VIA, CCA welcome & farewell, etc. 
Sports LeadersCCA Experience, Sports Day, X-Country, Inter-House Sports Competitions, International Sports Fiestas, Sports Enrichment workshops 
 School CouncilorsSec 1 Orientation Programme, Awards Ceremony, Student Council Investiture, Teacher's Day, Student Voices, Morning duties 


Student Council Investiture 2022

CCA Leadership Investiture 2022

Class leaders training (left) and CCA leadership workshop (right)

Student Councillors running the Sec 1 Orientation (left) and Student Voices (right)