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Resilience Building

Our Objectives

As part of the school’s strategic direction to build “a cohesive and resilient society with responsible citizens”, R3 helps to develop adventurous, curious, determined, flexible, focused and observant learners (6 positive dispositions of resilience students). These objectives are enacted through a range of school-based initiatives, and key Student Developmental Experiences (SDEs) aligned to CCE 2021 learning outcomes.

Through our outdoor education (OE) curriculum, various outdoor challenges and other co-curricular programmes, our students learn to confront their fears and tackle challenges beyond their comfort zone to develop these dispositions.

Our Programmes

  1. Morning Reflection:
    Each morning assembly includes a short segment of sharing to inculcate school values in the context of a Catholic social education. Among the weekly themes have been the personal stories of individuals demonstrating grit and determination under challenging circumstances.

  1. The ‘SJC Rose Gold Challenge’:
    During the Covid-19 home-based learning (HBL) period, this challenge was launched to encourage students to engage in activities of personal interest as they spend more time with family members, thereby building social-emotional resilience while confined to home.

    Outdoor Adventure Learning (OAL) Cohort Camps:
    In line with CCE 2021, OAL cohort camps are one of the key Student Developmental Experiences (SDEs) our girls undertake – once each during their lower and upper secondary school journey. In preparation for these cohort camps, students learn basic navigation, camp craft, outdoor cooking, and risk assessment as part of outdoor education (OE) taught during PE lessons. Typically OAL cohort camps include adventurous and strenuous activities such as high rope and tower elements, water activities (e.g. kayaking and raft-building), navigational courses, tent-pitching and outdoor cooking. Designed to be rigorous, these camps help build individual resilience, leadership and teamwork.

50307111_2177898962475789_6451861835820826624_o.jpg SB 3_Photo 1.jpg
Level Camp – High Elements Challenge

(18) Cohort Camp (Nature Hike).jpg
Level Camp – Nature Hike
Level Camp – Bouldering

Level Camp – Rafting
Level Camp – Kayaking

  1. Outdoor Adventure (Post-Exam) Activities
    School-initiated SDEs include adventurous activities such as dragon-boating and the 10km hike for secondary one students. These serve to strengthen resilience, teamwork and communication among our students.

(12) PIC 12 - Dragon-Boating.JPG (13) PIC 13 - 10km Hike.JPG

  1. Other Co-curricular Programmes
    Mental skills training is conducted for Physical Sports CCAs as part of the total training programme to provide skills and knowledge for players to handle the stress and anxiety of rigorous trainings and inter-school competitions.