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R3 Development Programme

The Student Development Team (SDT) oversees the design and delivery of a holistic student development experience. With a focus on character education and life-skills development, every SJCian is nurtured to be a Woman of Integrity with the Passion to Pursue Excellence.

The SDT works closely with the Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) department, the Student Management team, and with Form Teachers to meet the social-emotional needs of our students. Together as a school, we work together to deliver a coherent and customised experience that grounds our students in a core set of values whilst equipping them with 21st century competencies that will prepare them for the future.

Our Approach

We adopt the Positive Behaviour Intervention and Support (PBIS) Tiered Approach in the design of our programmes. The structures and programmes implemented are catered to 3 tiers of students where:
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Tier 1 is core curriculum/ instruction provided to all students. A good quality Tier 1 serves a preventive function by equipping all students with a strong foundation in academic and non-academic skills, and core values.

Tier 2 is early-targeted support provided to some students. Students who require additional help are provided support in their areas of need (e.g. academic, behavioural, attendance). These students are surfaced through systematic screening, reviewing of student data and/or teacher observations. Students with similar needs are grouped together to receive Tier 2 support.

Tier 3 is intensive targeted support provided to selected few students. These students are provided with more intensive and individualised interventions. Typically, Tier 3 support is carried out in small groups or individually.

R3 Framework for Student Development

Based on the PBIS approach, a comprehensive range of programmes built on the R3 Framework of Responsibility Building, Relationship Building and Resilience Building are planned and delivered to meet the varied needs of our 3 tiers of students that seek to develop the students holistically as well as provide the Student Development Experience (SDE) during their secondary school life.

Student Development - R3 Framework.png
Student Development – R3 Framework