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Education and Career Guidance


CHIJ SJC’s Education and Career Guidance (ECG) takes reference from MOE’s Education and Career Guidance (ECG) Developmental Model that guides schools in programming developmentally appropriate ECG activities for students at different levels.

ECG Framework - Fig 1_MOE.JPG
(extracted from MOE’s ECG Syllabus (Secondary)

The model highlights education and career development as a process that takes place over one’s life- span, with three progressive phases of Awareness, Exploration and Planning. Awareness, Exploration and Planning are necessary for all levels of students, with different emphasis at different levels to meet varying developmental needs.

Foundation to these three phases is the development of one’s self-identity. This involves clarification of interests and values, understanding one’s strengths, developing abilities, and formulating life roles in the context of one’s life experiences.

At the secondary school level, the emphasis is on ‘Exploration’, which includes:
  1. Exploring the world of work
  2. Awareness of relevant courses of study and educational pathways
  3. Awareness of skills, interests and values

At the upper secondary school years, this will progress to ‘Planning’, which includes:
  1. Clarification of career self-concept
  2. Developing skills in gathering information
  3. Developing decision-making skills for post-secondary pathways

Our Objectives

(Source: Education and Career Guidance Syllabus Secondary, Implementation starting with 2014 Secondary Cohort (All levels), Ministry of Education, Singapore)

In CHIJ SJC, the ECG programme:
  1. nurtures students’ self-awareness, self-directedness and life skills for continuous learning;
  2. enables students to explore viable education and career options through the provision of accurate and comprehensive information;
  3. inculcates an appreciation for the value of all occupations and how they contribute to the well- functioning of society; and
  4. equips students with skills and means to positively engage their parents and other career influencers.

ECG Programme @ CHIJ SJC

Post-Secondary Educational Pathways
Careers in the Working World

Sec 4/5
Confirming & planning their post-secondary pathways to their desired careers.
  • JC & Polytechnic Open House Visits
  • Ex-student sharing on Post-Sec Educational Experiences
  • Ex-student sharing on the career choices
  • Additional Learning Journeys / Talks
  • Preparing statements for EAE/DSA/Scholarship Applications
  • Interview Preparations
  • Portfolio preparations
Sec 3
Clarifying their preferences in possible careers and educational pathways
  • Understanding the post-secondary educational pathways
  • Talks by Post-Sec Educational Institutions (JCs, Polys, IB, Lasalle/NAFA Universities etc)
  • Advanced Elective Modules (AEM)
  • Elective Modules (EM)
  • Career Talks by Industry Partners
  • Industry Visits to Partner Organisations
  • Work Experience Programme.
  • Developing their portfolio of relevant experiences that demonstrate an aptitude towards a particular field of interest.
Sec 2
Deepening their understanding of themselves and their preferences.
  • Streaming Talks to help students understand their options in upper secondary
  • Understanding the post-secondary educational pathways
  • Career Talks by Industry Partners
Sec 1
Learning about their strengths, preferences, interests and talents.

ECG Counselling

ECG Counselling is available for groups or individual students. Parents are also invited to join in the discussion with their child so that they can support their child in making a more informed decision about their future pathways.

Keen to have a chat with our ECG Counsellor? See details below on booking an appointment.

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ECG Resources

  1. Paths you can take after you complete your secondary school education.
    View the following video to find out more.

Where to after secondary school.png

For more information to help you gain entry into a post-tertiary institution (junior college, Millenia Institute, polytechnic or ITE), view the above to explore the different admissions exercises and programmes available.

Admission Exercises

Admission Exercises for (O) Level Students

Admission Exercises for N(T) and N(A) Students

MySkillsFuture Student Portal - Support for Our Students
This is a one-stop platform to help students better understand themselves, their interests and strengths. Explore different education and career pathways, identify career goals and make informed education and career choices via the MOE Education and Career Guidance e-portal at https://www.myskillsfuture.sg/secondary

My Skills Future.JPG

Other ECG Resources
Students can access additional ECG resources through the ECG portal at the following link:

ECG Industry Visits
ECG Industry Visit 1.JPG ECG_Industry Visit 2.jpg

ECG Learning Journeys / Open House Visits to Tertiary Institutions
ECG LJ to Tertiary Institution.JPG ECG - LJ to Tertiary Institution 2.jpg

Work Experience Programme
Work Experience Programme 2019_Photo 1.jpg Work Experience Programme Photo 2.jpg

ECG – Elective & Advanced Elective Modules
Elective Module 2.jpgHospitality module
Elective Module 1.jpgYoung Entrepreneurship module