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CCE Curriculum

Our Objective:

To develop every student in SJC to become persons who will embrace the school values, be of strong character and are equipped to know and achieve their purpose in lives.

Our Approach:

In preparation for our students to face the rapid and continuous changes in the world today, we aim to provide them with the means to manage their emotions and relationships with others, as well as to make responsible decisions. Our students need tenacity, courage and resilience to face the challenges ahead.

Our Programme:

The CCE Curriculum

The CCE curriculum includes modules such as National Education, CMECS, Sexuality Education, Leadership, Values-in-Action, Environmental Education, Cyberwellness and Education and Career Guidance. The CCE lessons are planned using the Concept-based learning (H. Lynn Erickson) approach which necessitates higher order thinking to create synergy between lower and higher levels of cognitive work.

Reflective journaling is widely used in our CCE lessons. It has the added benefit of improving the self-awareness and self-management while providing a foundation for social-awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision making.