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Applied Learning Programme

The Art of Communication through Theatre and Debates

Our Objectives & Approach

Experience. Create. Communicate. SJC’s ALP is a two-tiered approach that nurtures communication and critical thinking skills in all students through exposure to theatre and debate in their English Language, Mother Tongue and Literature curriculum. Interested students will also have the opportunity to deepen their skills via CenterStage, our Drama and Debate CCA, and Literature as an Upper Secondary subject.
In both language departments, the core curriculum is expanded to enable students to express themselves through multiple platforms. Skills of analysis, synthesis, writing, storyboarding, and video creation that students learn in one subject are reinforced in another. Visits to the theatre to watch plays and to engage in conversations with local writers reinforce students’ appreciation of the various aspects of drama and literature as budding actors, stage crew, writers and appreciative audience members.

Our Programme

To nurture their written, oral and digital literacy skills, students are guided by the ELLit department to create and perform in vlogs, videos and short skits in both disciplines. Using drama in the classroom, there is an emphasis on collaborative process writing to further enable students to hone their team-building and communication skills. Students build their linguistic skills via analysis and appreciation of a range of Singaporean and foreign literary works ranging from plays to poems and novels from different historical periods.

In Secondary Two, students are introduced to the elements of drama in Literature during curriculum time, and via drama enrichment classes conducted by National Arts Council Artists-in-School (AIS). In these drama classes, students explore plays by Singaporean playwright Kuo Pao Kun as a springboard to unpacking local community issues. The dramatic conventions learnt in the AIS classes are applied again and reinforced in the Secondary Two Wax Museum Drama Showcase where students create and stage skits that they write, direct and perform. This showcase is the culmination of interdisciplinary work between the History, English Language and Literature departments, inspired by Singapore’s everchanging economic, social and cultural tapestry and role in the world.

In upper secondary, debates and inquiry through dialogues are used to hone students’ skills in discursive writing, critical thinking and perspective-taking. Opportunities are created for students who wish to develop their talents in these areas through national competitions and during the annual in-house English Language and Literature Day.

Similarly, students have the chance to engage in drama and the literary arts in their Mother Tongue Languages. The biennial Voice of SJC singing competition, for example, entices students to learn more about the beauty of the Chinese language through exploration of popular song lyrics. Participating in literary cultural workshops, exhibitions and learning journeys to watch plays or musicals staged in Chinese, Malay and Tamil helps to deepen students’ appreciation and use of their Mother Tongue Languages beyond the classroom.

Sec 2 students learn basic drama, scripting and directing skills over a 2-day workshop.The Sec 2 Wax Museum Drama Showcase is the creative culmination of students’ reflections of trades – present, past and future.Getting autographs from actor, Jorgan Ong, the main character, in "Boom" by Jean Tay (left), and post-play interaction with the cast (right).Enjoying a Chinese drama performance at the theatre.