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Applied Learning Programme

The Art of Communication through Theatre and Debates

Our Objectives & Approach

Experience. Create. Communicate. SJC’s ALP is a two-tiered approach that nurtures communication and critical thinking skills through the Language and Literature spiral curricular while offering opportunities for the deepening of skills via the nine arts-related CCAs. Skills of analysis, synthesis, writing, story-boarding, and video creation that students learn in one subject are reinforced in another within the same year, or in the following year. In both language departments, the core curriculum is expanded to enable students to express themselves through multiple platforms. Visits to the theatre to watch plays and talks by local writers reinforce students’ appreciation of the various aspects of drama and literature as budding actors, stage crew, writers and appreciative audience members.

Our Programme

English Language and Literature (ELLit)

Beyond preparing SJCians for the GCE O-Level examination, to nurture their written, oral and digital literacy skills, students are guided by the ELLit departments to create and perform in vlogs, videos and class skits in both disciplines. An emphasis on collaborative process writing further enables students to hone their team-building and communication skills. Students build their linguistic skills via analysis and appreciation of a range of local and foreign literary works ranging from plays to poems and novels from different historical periods.

In Secondary Two, students are introduced to the elements of drama in Literature during curriculum time, and via drama enrichment classes conducted by National Arts Council Artists-in-School (AIS). At these drama classes, students explore plays by local playright Kuo Pao Kun as a springboard to unpacking local community issues. The dramatic conventions learnt in the AIS classes are applied again and reinforced in the Secondary Two Wax Museum EL class performances that students create and stage for their annual Sec 2 Drama Showcase. This showcase is the culmination of interdisciplinary work between the History, EL and Literature departments as students’ skits are inspired by what they learnt about the world of work in the past, and what they imagine and hope the future world of work will be.

In upper secondary, students’ skills of discursive writing, synthesis, story-boarding and video-editing are reinforced in their EL and Literature weighted assignments in upper secondary. In 2020, the EL department partnered Apple Education and experimented with the creation of augmented reality trails for Secondary Five students to encourage creative writing.

Visits to the theatre to watch plays and talks by local writers reinforce students’ appreciation of the various aspects of drama and literature as budding actors, stage crew, writers and appreciative audience members. Students who wish to learn more are given the chance to attend and compete in various literary competitions (literary debates, book review presentations, poetry recitations) at the annual Secondary Schools Literature Festival.

2D Memory Surgeon.jpg
Secondary Two Wax Museum Skits 2019: 2D Memory Surgeon
2G Coolie.jpg
Secondary Two Wax Musuem Skits 2019: 2G Coolie
NAC Artist-in-School Literature-Drama workshops.pngTableux from 2020 Secondary Two NAC Artist-in-School Literature-Drama workshops. Literature 2019_Choral Reading and Book Parade 1.jpg
Lower Sec representatives for Choral Reading and Book Parade at the annual Secondary School’s English Literature Festival in 2019.

Mother Tongue (Chinese Language, Malay Language, Tamil Language)

The Chinese Language department extends our multi-faceted approach in ALP further with a biennial Voice of SJC singing competition which started in 2014. Students are encouraged to use the language not merely as singer-participants but also as budding journalists reviewing the rounds of competition, and fan club members who offer positive critique and encouragement to their peers who participate as singers. Articles are featured in the school’s CL biennial magazine or submitted for local student writing competitions and highlighted in the school’s MT IG account.

To encourage the learning of language on the go, MT teachers create and send their students audio recordings for students to learn language on the go. Similarly, students are encouraged to record their readings and oral reflections for their teachers’ feedback. Essay writing workshops, participating in literary cultural workshops and exhibitions, and learning journeys to watch plays or musicals staged in Mother Tongue deepen students’ appreciation and use of these three languages beyond the classroom.

MT Fortnight 2019_Kg Buangkok LJ_Photo 6.jpg
ML Learning Journey to Kampong Buangkok (2019)
where students practised the language through discussions about the tension between modernisation and the conservation of heritage.
Crop where required_MT Fortnight 2019_ML_N1 Cluster Festival.jpg
Student presenters at the N1 Malay Language Cultural Festival 2019.
MT Fortnight 2019_Opera Show Appreciation Photo 2.JPG MT Fortnight (2).jpg
Mother Tongue Fortnight 2019

Nurturing the Art of Communication through Arts-based CCA Performances

Students who wish to further hone their skills in the Theatre and Debates may join any of the 9 arts-based CCAs in SJC that range from the performing arts to visual arts and debates. The arts-based CCAs feature a wide variety of platforms for students to hone and showcase their aesthetic talents. Those keen to hone their debate skills join the Debate Circle which aims to create a communications culture through exposure as each member undergoes rigorous training that develops her critical and creative thinking skills through participation at local debate and public speaking competitions.

Some of our arts-based CCAs remained active and meaningfully engaged in creative ways through E-forum and virtual performances despite restrictions faced during the circuit breaker period and limitations of training opportunities through e-CCA platforms in 2020.

Centrestage students and teachers at virtual forum theatre workshop.jpg
Centrestage students and teachers at a virtual forum theatre workshop about discrimination with members of the Singapore Kindness Movement during circuit-breaker.
Concert Band.jpg
Concert Band CCA members united by their love of music, had an E-performance showcase to celebrate Teacher’s Day
Choir 1.jpg Choir 2.jpg
Choir CCA members sharing their virtual choir performances of Home in commemoration of National Day Celebrations 2020, and dedicating a song to teachers for Teachers’ Day Celebrations 2020 respectively.

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