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School Rules and Regulations

In our CHIJ Schools, we uphold the basic principle of respecting the dignity of each person we interact with. Everyone in our school community has the responsibility and a role to play in building a safe learning environment where we treat each other with respect and understanding. As such our school will not tolerate any unlawful or disruptive behaviour, including any form of bullying, cyber-bullying, intimidation or retaliation.

Behaviour during Prayers and Singing of National Anthem

  1. During prayers, non-Catholic students are expected to stand respectfully and observe   silence.
  2. Students who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the pledge.
    Students will take the pledge with the right fist over the heart. Non-Singaporeans are expected to stand respectfully and observe silence.

Behaviour in Canteen and Open Areas

  1. Each student is only allowed to buy food for herself.
  2. All food and drinks are to be consumed in the canteen only. 
  3. Students are to sit at assigned tables during recess.
  4. All bowls, plates and cutlery must be returned to the respective containers.
  5. Students are not permitted to go to the canteen to buy food or drinks during curriculum time.

Handphone Use

  1. Students are only allowed to use their handphones / electronic devices (laptops etc) in the canteen and concourse area after school hours. Students should not charge their handphones or other electronic devices in school.

List of Banned Items

All students are not allowed to have in their possession any weapon. They are not allowed to bring any weapon like item which is used or intended to be used to cause harm to others. 

The following items are not allowed in school as they either constitute a threat to the physical
and/or moral safety of others or serve as a distraction to the academic focus of fellow students.
  • Harmful substances/sharp objects
  • Cigarettes/lighter/tobacco products
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Pornographic material/items
  • Playing cards
  • Chewing gum
  1. All banned items will be confiscated.
  2. Electronic devices or handphones will be confiscated for a stipulated period of time. 
  3. All harmful substances or objects will be surrendered to the Police.
  4. All confiscated items not claimed at the end of the school year will be disposed of.

The Uniform

  1. Students are to wear the prescribed uniform and modification to the uniform is not allowed.
  2. The length of the pinafore should be at the centre of the knee cap. 
  3. Name-tag must be worn at all times. 
  4. Only school PE T-shirt and shorts are allowed during PE lesson. 
    a) School PE T-shirt, House T-shirt or CCA T-shirt can be worn with the pinafore or school track pants during CCA practice or school vacations.
    b) Home clothes are not allowed in the school premises during term time and school holidays.
  5. School socks should be worn at all times and should be visible.
  6. Only white shoes are allowed.
School Uniform.jpg


  1. Hair must be neatly combed and tied up if the length of hair touches the bottom of the collar.
  2. The fringe must not touch the eyebrows. Long fringes must be pinned up.
  3. Hair accessories should be only in white, blue or black.
  4. Only a pair of small identical earrings/studs can be worn on the first ear hole of each ear.   Studs that expand the ear hole are not allowed.
    Piercing on any other  facial features or  parts of the body is not allowed.
  5. Tattoos are not allowed
  6. Tinted/dyed/punky short or shaved hair and keeping a tail/hair extension is not permitted.
  7. Only a watch is allowed on the wrist.  Nothing else should be worn on the wrist. 


  1. All students to report to school by 7.30 am (or 8.30 am on Thursday) on all school days.
  2. If a student is late for school, she will be required to report to DMs on duty.
  3. If a student is late for school after 7.45am (or 8.45am on Thursday), she is required to report to the Security Officer. The Security officer will escort the student to the General Office, where the Operation Manager/DM will speak to the student.

Permission for Early Release

Unplanned (Student is unwell)

  1. Student to inform subject teacher if she is unwell.
  2. Student is sent to the General Office for monitoring. 
  3. EAS issue Early Release form and will get HOD/ Form Teacher/Subject teacher/ OM/ VP/ P to approve early release.
  4. Student to call parent/ guardian to fetch her from the General Office under supervision of EAS.
  5. Student will wait for her parents at the General Office.
  6. Parent/Guardian will report to the General Office to sign and acknowledge Early Release Form
  7. Once the parent/guardian’s identity is confirmed, EAS will release the student.   
  8. EAS staff will detach the Early Release Form (lower half) and give it to the Parent.
  9. Lower half of Early Release form is to be submitted to the Security Officer when she leaves the school  premises.

B) Planned (Medical Appointment/External Exam/Family matters)

  1. Student is required to present proof of appointment to Form Teacher.
  2. Form Teacher will make a photocopy of the Proof.
  3. Form Teacher will fill up the Early Release Form and attach the photocopy of the proof of appointment together with the Early Release Form.
  4. Form Teacher will give the Early Release Form with the attached photocopy proof back to the student. 
  5. On the day of the appointment, the student will show the Early Release Form to her subject teacher to gain permission to leave the class.
  6. Student will show the Security Officer the Early Release Form.
  7. Security Officer will detach the lower half of the form.
  8. Student will take home the upper part of the form for acknowledgement by her parent/ guardian.
  9. Student is required to submit the form to the Form Teacher the following day.

Safety in School and Outside School

  1. Parents may drop students off at the front porch.  
  2. Students should be dropped off after the school gate, near the overhead bridge, or in the HDB area at the back of the school.   Parents should not drop students off within the bus bay or in front of the entrance to St Anne’s Church.
  3. Students who use the zebra crossing in front of St Anne’s Church should walk on the zebra crossing lines and not attempt to take a short cut by crossing beyond the lines.
  4. Students are to use the white walking pathway within the school.  

 Map of vehicle drop off point outside school

Map of vehicle drop off point outside school.png

  * Updated on 8 Feb 2018