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Science Department

We Understand How Girls Learn Science:

In SJC, we believe that all girls deserve a quality science education, so we enhance our teaching practices according to what research has revealed about how girls learn science. We recognise the need to generate positive emotions in the learning of science by helping our girls to appreciate the relevance of science in their daily lives. We provide opportunities for collaborative learning because girls learn Science better when they can play an active role in lesson activities and communicate their thoughts with their peers. We enhance the cognitive and visual design of our notes and worksheets to provide greater clarity and structure to help our pupils internalise how concepts unfold and connect. 

We make Scientific Thinking Visible in our Daily Lessons:

We apply the curriculum design principles of Understanding by Design (UbD) to help teachers and pupils distil the big ideas and conceptual framework for key topics. Concept Tests are regularly administered to diagnose if our pupils have indeed mastered the learning outcome. Based on the feedback received, the teacher adjusts the latter parts of the lesson accordingly. This methodology, championed by Professor Er Mazur of Harvard University, and implemented over the last two decades, has been proven to enhance learning. Metacognition is infused within our daily lessons through the regular use of flowcharts, mind maps, speech bubbles and end-of-chapter reflections.

We pace our Pupils according to their Abilities and Potential:

In lower secondary, we have a modular science curriculum where Physics, Chemistry and Biology modules are taught by teachers specialising in them. This allows us to strengthen the link between Lower Secondary and Upper Secondary levels. In addition, our curriculum is customised using Differentiated Instruction (DI), so that girls who show the potential to offer Pure Science at Upper Secondary level can be stretched early, while those who need more scaffolding can receive additional grounding in the fundamental concepts.

We Enrich our Pupils' Experiences by Applying Science to Daily Lives:

Our pupils are involved in fun and enriching activities such as the making of Sumo Robots during the Secondary Two Level Camp, making soap using kitchen ingredients, making crystals in the science labs. Apart from the enjoyment, our girls learn to care for the environment, apply their scientific knowledge to how things work. Through these exciting learning experiences, they are also trained in critical and creative thinking.