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Mother Tongue

Mother Tongue Department

HOD/MT:  Mdm Tan Nan Sy
Sec 1 CL: Ms Lim Siew Chun

Sec 2 CL & CLB: Mdm Zhang Yonghong
  Sec 3 CL & HCL: Mdm Chia Jun Ru
  Sec 4/5 CL: Mr Christopher Sim Wee Ming
  ML, 3rd Lang., Asian Lang. & Foreign Lang.: Ms Albaniah
  TL: Mdm Geetha

Department Objectives:

We strive to create a vibrant academic environment that supports the acquisition of Mother Tongue languages in a fun and engaging manner whereby students not only acquire the functional and creative use of Mother Tongue languages, they also develop a passion for the language.

Key Focus and Rationale:

The Mother Tongue (MT) Department focuses on developing individual student’s ability to read, write and communicate in their MT language as well as developing students' appreciation of various cultural traditions, cultures and languages.

This is to prepare students to face challenges in an increasing globalised world. With a sound foundation in their own languages and cultures as well as an appreciation of cultures, they would have the ability to connect with people from different cultures, traditions and languages.

Subjects Offered​:

    • ​​(in-house, for Sec 1-5): Chin​ese, Malay, Tamil, Higher Chinese, Basic Chinese, Basic Malay, Basic Tamil​ 
    • (at the various centres, for Sec 4 ONLY): CL 'B', ML 'B', TL 'B' *
    • (at various centres, for eligible students): Asian Languages & Foreign Languages

* Pls take note that all SJC students, except for those granted MT exemption, MUST do their approved Mother Tongue from Sec 1 to 3.  For students who are eligible to take MT 'B' syllabus, they will only be offered the subject in Sec 4
These Sec 4 students will attend lessons at the following centres:
        CL'B': Compassvale Sec School/ St Patrick's Sec School
        ML'B': MOE Language Centre (Bishan)
        TL'B': Umar Pulavar Tamil Language Centre  

Hindi Parallel Programme

The school will gradually phase out the Hindi Parallel Programme, by not taking in new Sec 1 (2018) parallel programme students. We will still continue classes for existing students until they graduate. As such, Hindi ISPP will be completely phased out in 2021.

Innovative Programmes / Curriculum:

(A) Teaching and learning

    • New Curriculum with emphasis on Listening & Oral skills presentation and critical & inventive thinking skills.
    • Use of ICTtools such as McOnline and iMTL platform to support learning.
    • Revising & creating baseline resources to meet the learning needs of students.
    • Department White space and Open lesson to level up teaching competency.

(B) Emphasis on reading as a life skill which is reflected in our effort to promote reading in school. Students are provided the opportunity to read newspapers, magazines, novels of different genres and non-fiction texts.

(C) Develop an in-depth understanding of different cultures through various enrichment programmes organised by the department.

Key Events / Activities:

  • "向洋约你●爱上华文"校访秀
    "A Date with Hartono. In Love with Chinese" Campus Show
  • Language & Cultural Camps
  • Mother Tongue Fortnight
  • Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations
  • Overseas trip or fieldtrip: expose students to usage and appreciation of Mother Tongue Language.
  • National/Cluster Schools’ MT language Competition.
  • "Meet-the-Author" Workshop 

  • MT CoOL, Learning MT from Celebrities

  • Cultural exposure: students attend performance under "Cultural Exposure Scheme" (CL). 
            - Sec1 Arts Appreciation Programme - Our Songs, Our Stories

  • Sec 1 TL: Cultural Games

  • Sec 1 ML: Ondeh-ondeh

  • Sec 2 TL: Rangoli

  • Sec 2 ML: Dikir Barat

  • Sec 3 TL: Creative Writing

  • Sec 3 ML: Public Speaking

  • The Voice of SJC

  • Spring Festival Celebrations 2017 金鸡报喜贺新春

  • MT CoOL Programme -- Learning CL from Celebrities "名师学堂"

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