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English and Literature

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Department Objectives:

To inspire a deep appreciation for the English Language and Literature, and to cultivate a passion for its effective use in the communication of creative expression and in daily life.


Key Focus and Rationale:

To provide relevant and vibrant learning experiences for our students in order to develop the ability to communicate creatively and effectively in the English Language.


Innovative Programmes / Curriculum: 

The department understands the importance of staying current and constantly adapts our curriculum to address the changes in both global and local landscapes so that we can better prepare our students for the future. We do this by ensuring our students develop the ability to understand current affairs from different perspectives and provide them with authentic learning experiences through local and overseas learning journeys. We understand the importance for students to think critically and creatively, hence students’ learning experiences are designed to ensure that the skills and strategies taught in English Language and Literature are set against the tapestry of a myriad of subject matters that cut across different social and academic arenas so that they can better appreciate the continuum of learning. We appreciate that every child is different and so we customise our curriculum to support the different learning needs of all our students so that they will achieve success through the use of alternative assessment modes as well as through the use of different teaching approaches. Through the design of our programmes, we aim to help our students to be future ready and active contributors to our society.

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