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Department Objectives:

Elements of Business Skills (EBS) aims to equip our Normal (Technical) stream students with basic knowledge, skills and values for the new development in the services sector.

Key Focus and Rationale:

The services sector continues to contribute to Singapore’s economic growth and offer employment opportunities. The EBS syllabus is an introduction to business through an understanding of business activities, focusing on basic marketing and customer relations. These are learnt in the context of businesses in the travel and tourism, hospitality and retail industries, which offer employment opportunities accessible to the students. The context of knowledge and application is in the local situation in Singapore.

EBS seeks to equip students with the following: 

    • Knowledge of the business environment, in particular the service sector. 
    • Basic employability skills, foundational knowledge and entrepreneur skills for work in the service-related sectors. 
    • Acquire personal effectiveness in service related skills.

Innovative Programmes / Curriculum:

To provide authentic learning settings for EBS, we have the following:

  • Local field trips to retail outlets are organised in collaboration with the English and Mathematics departments. 
  • Secondary Four students have a differentiated camp structure where they are provided with the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the local hospitality industry.