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Department Objectives:

To engage the creative and inquisitive instinct of pupils by solving problems through design.

Key Focus and Rationale:

Design & Technology (D&T) is included as a compulsory examination subject in the Lower Secondary curriculum to contribute to the all rounded development of our students.
The programme prepares our students for living and working in a technological world. It also helps them to recognise the need for new or modified products/systems and give pupils the capacity and confidence to design, make and evaluate these products/systems for themselves. 

At the end of the programme, students are able to:
    • develop an awareness of design in the made-world;
    • develop an appreciation of function, aesthetics and technology in design;
    • develop basic design thinking and communication skills;
    • experience the process of realising design through making; and
    • think and intervene creatively to become autonomous decision makers.

Innovative Programmes / Curriculum:

In SJC, the Design and Technology Department practises the modular system from 2019. The Lower Secondary students will do Design and Technology for one semester each year.

2019 Sec 1 Cohort:


Semester 1

Semester 2


Design & Technology (D&T)

Food & Consumer Studies (FCE)


Design & Technology (D&T)

Food & Consumer Studies (FCE)


Key Events / Activities:

    The students embark on their design journey through projects during the two year course. There is less emphasis on pen and paper written examinations as more focus is placed on design and hands-on projects. Some of the products that the students make are multipurpose holders and toy cars etc. 
      The Department sent three Secondary 2 students to take part in the Toy Design Competition that was organised by the Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering Department of the Singapore Polytechnic. The girls won the first prize in the competition with their toy that is called “Surf’S Up”.