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Art Department

Department Objectives:

To develop our students to be independent and creative learners who possess an awareness and appreciation of visual arts in varied forms.


Key Focus and Rationale:

To provide a stimulating environment for students to express themselves through art and design activities and creative use of various materials.


Innovative Programmes / Curriculum:

In the lower secondary school curriculum, besides learning basic elements and principles of design, students get to experience a variety of art media: drawing and painting, 2D & 3D crafts, as well as digital media (Animation and Photoshop).

Students are given the opportunity to attend art workshops, art exhibitions and learn to appreciate and critique art work.

Upper secondary school students are offered the opportunity to experiment and develop their interests through various media. These include drawing & painting, photography, ceramics, video editing, graphic design, and sculpture.

Our N & O level students have been doing consistently well over the past few years, achieving value-added results.


Key Events / Activities:

  1. Participation in competitions:
        • NEmation! Competition – top 10 finalists 2007 & 2008
        • Anti-Drug Art Competition
        • Schools Digital Media Awards 2008
        • 3D Graphics & Animation: Singapore 2065 by Temasek Poly 2008 – Finalist
  1. School Visits:
        • LaSalle College of the Arts open house
        • SYF Art Exhibition 2008 at NAFA
        • Singapore Biennale 2008
        • Singapore Art Museum
  1. Enrichment Programmes:
        • Animation (Sec 1)
        • Photoshop (Sec 2)
        • Oil Painting (Sec 3)