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Department Objective

The department aims to prepare students to be technologically adept citizens, and to function and contribute effectively in an increasingly technologically-driven world.

Key Focus/Curriculum

The curriculum consists of six modules and seeks to assess the students’ fundamental knowledge, understanding and application of concepts and skills. The modules consist of:
  1. Computer Fundamentals (CPF)
  2. Media Elements (MEL)
  3. Document Processing (DOP)
  4. Spreadsheets (SST)
  5. Multimedia Communication (MMC)
  6. Media Computing (MEC)

Key Events

The Media Computing Competition is organised annually by Curriculum Planning and Development Division, Science Branch, Computer Education Unit. The competition aims to provide a platform to showcase students’ work, develop students’ interest in media design and to hone students’ presentation and communication skills. There are two categories in the competition:
  • Category A: Animation for Secondary 2
  • Category B: Gaming for Secondary 3

Students at Work

Students at Work Students at Work Students at Work