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Enrichment programme

Programme Objectives:

To maximise the potential of all Normal Technical and Academic students by providing opportunities and support which will also contribute to their holistic development.


Key Focus and Rationale:

Our key focus is to prepare our students to face rapid and continuous changes in the world today. Each and every pupil is special and could be developed to be courageous and resilient to face the challenges ahead, thus becoming useful citizens of society. At the end of their four or five years in SJC, we hope that our students will be engaged and empowered learners, effective leaders, eloquent individuals with strong ethics.

LAMBS Guiding Principle


Innovative Programmes / Curriculum:

In order to develop our NT and NA students holistically, we provide various opportunities and experiences, which would support cognitive, social, emotional and physical development. There are a myriad of enrichment and special programmes aimed at providing platforms for exposure and experiential learning.

At Sec 1, selected students will receive additional academic support from older students of the school under the supervision of a teacher. This peer mentoring program focuses on subjects like Maths and Science.

At Sec 2, selected NT and NA students will be chosen to go on an overseas humanitarian trip. These students will engage in community involvement work and develop the value of serving others. They will apply the value of LOVE by giving back to the community through gift-giving and spending time interacting with the less privileged in society. It is also our aim that students learn to appreciate their own country and lives after witnessing the resilience of the less fortunate. At the end of this customised trip, it is hoped that our students had learnt essential skills, knowledge and values through responsible and disciplined behaviour and actions.

At Sec 3 and 4, NT and NA students can choose from a range of exciting elective modules such as music production, fashion design, tourism, hair dressing, beauty services, culinary skills and jewellery making. These modules have been designed using the Teaching for Understanding framework to allow students to explore key concepts in the disciplines, conduct research, as well as demonstrate their understanding through interesting performance tasks like staging an assembly programme to showcase their designs or productions. Students take pride in showcasing and expressing their work in addition to developing tenacity, resilience, and a passion for excellence in all their endeavours.

In line with SJC’s aim to grow self-directed learners to achieve academic excellence by customising our approach to cater to the diverse needs of our students, an awards and rewards system is designed to reward and motivate students who have made an effort to excel or improve themselves in academic area.


Key Events / Activities:

Sec 2 Cambodia Humanitarian Trip 2013

An educational trip to Cambodia was held from 2 June to 5 June 2013 for 17 Sec 2 students. Prior to the trip, pupils had to attend pre-trip sessions in school. The first session was designed to help the girls understand the social graciousness required in an overseas trip. In the next session, pupils had to conduct research on the six different aspects of Cambodia – its history, geography, demographics, way of life, culture and status of women. In addition, the girls were split into four groups to design activities that they will lead in when visiting the various orphanages and learning centres in Siem Reap. The girls had to also plan a donation drive to collect items that were on the wish lists of the places they are to visit. These items include packs of Milo and cereal, clothes, stationery, books, etc. Throughout the 4 days of the trip, the students visited the Les Enfant De La Riziere orphanage, the Khna Thmey Learning Centre, Floating Catholic School’ at Tonle Sap Lake and Home of Joy. Students interacted with the local children by conducting basic English lessons for the children while our students learn how to dance the traditional Khmer dance and weave baskets out of plants from the nearby forests. These visits indeed raised their global awareness and understanding of the plight of these children and their families.

The girls also had an opportunity to learn more about the geography and history of our ASEAN neighbor by visiting Angkor Wat and Ton Le Sap Lake (Siem Reap).

The trip to Cambodia is indeed a memorable and exciting experience for all students and teachers as they get to observe the cultures and living conditions of people in Cambodia. On this trip, many students also got to better understand the simplicity and challenges of life in Cambodia and better appreciate their family members and the blessings that they have in their homeland Singapore.

trip to Cambodia  trip to Cambodia

Interacting with local children and teaching basic English at Khna Thmey Learning Centre


Sec 3NT Small Business Operations Elective Module Programme 2014

30 Sec 3NT students attended this 4-day programme this year which provides the students the knowledge and skills to identify a small business opportunity to plan, identify customer needs, promote and operate as a start-up enterprise. At the end of the module, students will be assessed. Students will attain a certification from the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) Singapore if they meet the pass and attendance criteria and they may use this certificate to offset credits for selected ITE courses in Singapore.

Sec 3NT Small Business Operations Elective Module Programme 2014  Sec 3NT Small Business Operations Elective Module Programme 2014


Chinese New Year Blessings 2014

The Sec 1 NA/NT and graduating Sec 4 NA/NT and 5 NA students help to extend our Chinese New Year wishes to our neighbours by distributing mandarin oranges on 6 February 2014. Through this project, it serves to increase pupils’ confidence by providing them with a platform to interact with our community and represent the school in building a positive relationship with our community.

Chinese New Year Blessings 2014  Chinese New Year Blessings 2014  Chinese New Year Blessings 2014


Zoolympix Volunteering Programme 2014

As part of the VIA programme which partnered with the Singapore Zoo, thirty-two pupils from Sec 1D and fifteen pupils from Sec 2 NA/NT were in involved in the Zoolympix programme. The students attended a training session conducted by the docent volunteers on 13 and 14 June 2014 respectively. Students get to know more about illegal wildlife trade such as how endangered species like the elephants and rhinos were slaughtered for their body parts which supposedly contained medicinal properties. In this programme, the students assume their roles as the zoo ambassadors and they get to teach the children on the need of protecting the animals and stop the illegal activities of poachers through interesting games. Our students get the opportunity to collaborate with students from various education institutions such as Anglo Chinese Junior College to organise games and sold Zoolympix booklets, magazines and souvenirs to the public as a form of fundraising. It was a good learning experience for our students as they learnt to become more confident and eloquent speakers as they cajoled the visitors to purchase the items or spoke to them about the need to stop buying products made from animal parts.

All in all, it was an eye-opening and thrilling experience as our students learnt to become more resilient and persevere in persuading others to adopt a more proactive approach in protecting the animals and care for our environment.

Zoolympix Volunteering Programme  Zoolympix Volunteering Programme  Zoolympix Volunteering Programme