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Learning for Life Programme

SJC’s Distinctive Program: An Experiential Journey

Individuals need to be adaptable and willing to learn. They need to have the confidence to deal with problems that have no clear-cut solutions. And they need to be able to work effectively with others, across races and nationalities, and to communicate clearly….For a strong social fabric of trust and togetherness, our young must care for one another, and be committed to our collective future. Ultimately, education is not what we do to our children. Rather, it is what we do with them, and for them, to bring out the best in each of them, so that they grow up to embrace the best of the human spirit.

Mr Heng Swee Keat, Minister for Education
Ministry of Education Workplan Seminar 2013


In line with the ministry of education’s move to provide a holistic education that is student centric and values driven, the Distinctive Programme in SJC envisions to develop students who are socially engaged and confident while being resilient and concerned citizens with a strong sense of global awareness. This broadens their education experience to include developmental opportunities that complement their academic needs in the course of the 4-5 years in SJC. These developmental platforms are created through SJC’s Applied Learning Programme (ALP) and Learning for Life Programme (LLP).


Thinking for Life using the Future Problem Solving model

Learning for Life Programme in SJC


An Overview of LLP

An Overview of LLP

SJC’s Thinking for Life Programme aims to nurture students as leaders in life-long volunteerism, where our girls learn to translate values into action. The school believes in developing citizenry of each girl by creating opportunities for them to serve, relate and work with people beyond the school, so that students can be sensitised to the real needs of society and be able to empathise with people around them.

SJC’s LLP is an evolution from the current Values in Action programme that the school adopted in 2013. With increased rigour and student ownership, SJC’s Thinking for Life will be introduced in January 2015.This programme seeks to create a critical and inventive thinking platform using subsets of the Future Problem Solving (FPS) model for all students and teachers. Through this programme, all in SJC will develop an interest in the future, using current world situations so as to allow them to function as active global citizens.

The Future Problem Solving Model developed by Paul Torrance is adopted in the international platform (through the Future Problem Solving Program International) to equip today’s young people with the vision and skills needed to anticipate, understand and solve the problems of tomorrow. This program moves students beyond memorising to apply learned information to complex issues, make decisions and implement solutions. SJC has adopted 2 of the 3 different components that have been crafted to fit the various needs of students in the 21st century, namely the Global Issues Problem Solving and the Community Problem Solving strategies.

Experience for all to Think for Life

The lower secondary students will embark on VIA projects that utilise the Community Problem Solving model as guideline. Through this process, students will identify existing problems in society and work through strategies to resolve these problems and as a culmination of the process, carry out their solution.

The upper secondary students will adopt the Global Issues Problem Solving model to identify current national/ global problems, extrapolate their implications in the future and suggests methods that can be used to address these problems. While being theoretical, the critical thinking strategies will ensure students’ cognitive development which can be transferred to every aspect of their lives, hence Thinking for Life.

Engagement for those with inclination

As part of the school continued efforts to identify platforms for our girls to experience success and develop into young ladies with the passion to excellence, SJC participated in the Future Problem Solving (FPS) Singapore national competition for the first time in 2013.Engagement for those with inclination

Daunting to even some adults, the rigour of this competition develops not only critical thinking skills but with themes like megacities and ocean soup, it creates in students’ the ability to see themselves within the context of the social demands, allowing them to grow to be active global citizens. Making students move out of their comfort zones and surprise even themselves with the challenges that they can rise up to, SJC’s pioneering competition team was invited by RGS to participate in the national finals based on their performance in the preliminary rounds in 2013. Their hard work paid off when they emerged third in this presentation of their action plan. Based on students’ feedback of having learnt not just from the training process but also through interactions with peers in other schools, 4 teams of students will be representing SJC in this competition in 2014.

Moving on in 2015, more teams will be identified to further hone their critical and creative thinking skills to participate in the national competition.