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Values in Action (VIA)


In alignment with our vision “Women of Integrity with the Passion to Pursue Excellence”, we uphold our mission of an Infant Jesus Convent to create a Christ-centred school community where all staff and students work together for the promotion of truth, justice, freedom and love, with special reference to the needs of the persons who are disadvantaged in any way. We aim to bond with national agencies and in partnership, work towards being a blessing to our local community and nation as well as of service to the global community.



Our Values in Action Programme aims to nurture students as leaders in life-long volunteerism, where our girls learn to translate values into action.  The school believes in developing citizenry of each girl by creating opportunities for them to serve, relate and work with people beyond the school, so that students can be sensitised to the real needs of society and be able to empathise with people around them.  Our policy centres on building a total school culture where School Leaders and teachers embrace the benefits and importance of community involvement and lead by example.

After review, to better address the challenges of the 21st century, we have structured our VIA based on the following guidelines:


  1. All girls are required to complete a minimum of 60 hours (LEAPS equivalent of 3 points) of VIA activities throughout their four or five years in the school. We strongly encourage pupils to complete 100 hours or more (LEAPS equivalent of 5 points) of VIA/SL activities throughout their four or five years in the school.  
  2. All community work in school is CCE-based.  CCA-based VIA activities are optional.
  3. The platforms for VIA are:
    1. Sec 1 and 2: At least 12 hours  each year
    2. Sec 3: At least 20 hours
    3. Sec 4/5: At least 8 hours each year
    4. Family Day Carnival: At least 8 hours in their 4/5 years in SJC


VIA Approach

In alignment to the 21st century and SEL Competencies, the school will be adopting the Community Problem Solving Approach (CmPS).  CmPS is a component of the Future Problem Solving (FPS) approach, founded by Dr. E. Paul. Torrance.  The programme aims to develop students into individuals who are identify real problems the community or world is facing and work at solving them. It also encourages critical thinking, fosters investigation, ingenuity, creativity as well as cooperative learning.  The Aesthetics Programme acts as the ‘seeding’ process whereby the students are engaged cognitively prior to putting what they have learnt into action. 


Structure of VIA

4-year Programme by Themes:

Secondary 1: Love our School/ Neighbourhood

Secondary 2: Love our Environment

Secondary 3: Love our Community

Secondary 4/5: Love our Nation and Beyond