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Our Objectives

  • At SJC, we aim to excite our students in the learning of Science, with alignment to the MOE Science Curriculum Framework; and
  • To enthuse our students in the pursuit of Scientific Knowledge and for them to be able to apply their knowledge and skills in daily problem solving and to contribute to the society

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Our Approach

  • Our key focus is for students to gain a deeper appreciation for Science through experiential learning, with links to real-life scenarios and applications in STEAM context.
  • Varied teaching methods and thinking routines, which are catered to our students’ learning needs, are used to engage them during daily lessons.

Our Programmes

The Science Enrichment Programme provides learning opportunities beyond the syllabus to expand the students’ perspectives and experiences. This includes the Chemistry, Biology and Physics Junior Olympiads; ignITE Skills Challenge; Learning Journeys; Science Workshops

Visit to the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum to excite students in Science.