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Physical Education

Our Objective

  • To nurture an understanding and love for life-long and healthy active living.

Our Approach

‘Head, Hands, Heart’ - Equip our students with basic knowledge (Head), skills (Hands) and attitudes / desire (Heart) to be physically active through participation in sports and games and outdoor pursuits to cultivate a life-long, healthy lifestyle.

Our Programme

In line with the PE curriculum and CCE 2021 guidelines, we teach Sports & Games (Physical Activities), Outdoor Education (OE) and Physical Health & Fitness (PHF) during PE lessons.  These modules are taught across Sec 1 to 4/5 to provide a wide variety of experiences for our students.  The fitness, knowledge & skills culminates in larger scale events to provide higher level challenges (i.e. Sports Competitions &/or Outdoor Camps, etc).

This table provides a summary of our SJC PE Programme:

Physical Activities (PAs)
Outdoor Education (OE)
Events - Student Developmental Experience (SDEs)@
Sec 1
Netball & Volleyball
Basic Navigation, Camp Craft, RAMS, Outdoor Cooking
Sec 1 Cohort Camp (4D/3N)~
Sports Day / X-Country^
Inter-Class Games
Sec 2*
Extension OE Lessons
Sports Day / X-Country^
Inter-Class Games
Sec 3
Softball & Floorball

Sec 3 Cohort Camp (5D/4N)
Sports Day / X-Country^
Inter-Class Games
Sec 4/5*
Elective Games#

Sports Day / X-Country^
^ Progressive Fitness & Conditioning in Term 1 leads to Sports Day (Track & Field) or X-Country / Orienteering, alternating each year.
* NAPFA Test years (also years with SA1 examinations)
# Elective Games include Frisbee, Soccer, Touch Rugby, Tchoukball, Mini-Tennis, etc
~ Outdoor Adventure Learning (OAL) Cohort Camps in Sec 1 & Sec 3 (aligned to National Outdoor Adventure Education (NAOE) Masterplan from 2022)
@ All mass activities are subject to prevailing Covid-19 Safe Management Measures

Pic 1 - PE Softball P4020449.jpg
Softball (Sec 3)
Pic 3 - PE Badminton P7150139.jpg

Badminton (Sec 2)
Pic 2 - PE Netball P4020462.jpg
Netball (Sec 1)
Pic 4 - PE Safe Riding.jpg
Safe Riding Programme (Sec 1 – 3)
Pic 6 - OE Outdoor Cooking P9240044.jpg
Outdoor Education – Field Cooking
Pic 5 - OE Shelter building P8110052.jpg
Outdoor Education – Campcraft