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Mother Tongue

Our Objective

  • To develop students into effectively bilingual individuals who value and appreciate their own cultures, where they can connect with people from different cultures, traditions, and languages.

Our Approach

  1. By honing students’ ability in aural, oral, reading, writing skills in their MT language as well as developing students' appreciation of their own tradition and culture through the formal and informal curriculum.
  2. By creating a vibrant academic environment that supports the acquisition of Mother Tongue languages in a fun and engaging manner whereby students acquire the functional and creative use of Mother Tongue languages. 

Our Programmes

1.    Curriculum

  •  Oral Presentation Skills Programme
  • Blended Learning
  • Reading Programme

2.    Enrichment

  • Festive Celebrations (Spring Festival, Hari Raya Puasa, Deepavali)
  • Mother Tongue Fortnight (The Voice of SJC, Language & Cultural Camps)
  • Chinese/Malay Arts Appreciation Programme
  • MT CoOL Programme -- Learning CL from Celebrities

3.    Talent Development

  • National MT Language Competitions & enrichment programmes (Our Story XinKongXia Lyrics Writing, Create Your Own Newspaper, Pena Emas Writing, Naanum Oru Padaippaali National Story Writing, Zaobao School Correspondent, “Script It Right” Chinese Radio Drama Script Writing, Text Recital and Pen Calligraphy)
The biennial Voice of SJC singing competition promotes appreciation for the Chinese language through popular songs.

Learning about our cultural roots through kuih-making (left) and learning journey to Sultan Mosque (right)
Experimenting with henna and traditional jewellery-making.
Our student correspondents Xia Si Yuan (left), Teng Yifan, Cheryl Lim, and Vanessa Yak (right), regularly covers our school events and happenings for SPH’s zbComma magazine.

Published articles by the student correspondents on zbComma magazine. 

A selection of the published articles by the student correspondents can be read here: Eco-Stewardship Programme, Code for Fun workshop, Voice of SJC singing competition and Learning Journey to the National Museum.