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Our Objectives

  • To nurture students' interest and passion in Mathematics.
  • To maximize students' potential through a rigorous Mathematics curriculum.

Our Approach

Mathematics is the study of the properties, relationships, operations, algorithms, and applications of numbers and spaces at the very basic levels, and of abstract objects and concepts at the more advanced levels.

Mathematics Application.png
Mathematics is largely hierarchical in nature. Higher concepts and skills are built upon the more foundational ones and have to be learned in sequence.

In SJC, a spiral approach is adopted in the building up of mathematical contents across the levels. The mathematics curriculum consists of a set of connected syllabuses to cater to the different needs and abilities of our students.

Our Programmes

Core Curriculum

  • Our Normal (Technical) and Normal (Academic) students are offered Math SBB where they have the opportunity to stretch themselves in Mathematics at a higher rigour.
  • Normal (Academic) students who show an inclination for Mathematics are selected to take the GCE O-Level Elementary Mathematics from Sec 3 onwards.
  • Additional Mathematics is offered as an elective for the Normal (Academic) stream while the Express stream streams are given the option to offer the subject as one of the core subjects or as an elective.

Enrichment Programme

  • To complement the content of Mathematics taught in the classroom, enrichment activities are organised for our students to help them discover new things about their communities, sharpen their mathematical thinking and provide a platform for them to apply their mathematical skills to solving problems in the real world while at the same time cultivate in them, an interest and passion for Mathematics.
  • Our lower secondary students participate in the annual Mathematics Trail designed and executed by our Maths teachers. Students work in teams to explore interesting and challenging mathematical concepts as they learn to apply problem solving skills on real-world tasks. These trails encourage our students to put on their critical thinking caps to make analytical decisions while allowing them to seek a deeper understanding and passion in the subject.


  • To broaden the students’ learning of mathematics through competing in an external environment, the department exposes our students to the following competitions:
(a) Singapore Mathematics Olympiad (SMO)
(b) International Mathematical Modelling Challenge (IMMC)
(c) All Singapore Secondary Mathematics Competition for Normal Course Students

Students engaged in solving Mathematical tasks during our virtual Maths Trail.