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Our Objectives

  • To inspire the passion for Humanities in students and help them understand the interconnectedness of Singapore and the world and relevance in their learning.
  • To equip students with critical thinking skills and 21st century competencies that will allow them to thrive in an increasingly complex world.
  • To nurture students who are concerned and active citizens committed to contribute to the society and world they live in.

Our Approach

1. Key pedagogies: Inquiry-based & Issue-based Learning in the Humanities Curriculum
  • Use of questions, problems, and scenarios to spark curiosity among students and help them learn through their own investigation and reflection. These approaches help to encourage critical thinking, investigation and problem-solving in the exploration of questions or issues. Students would be equipped with 21st century skills to become independent and self-directed learners.
  • Facilitation by teachers to guide students’ thinking and help them make sense of the wealth of information available to them.
  • Geographical and Historical Investigations through field-based and experiential learning offer opportunities for students to engage in the inquiry process.
2. Nurturing the passion for Humanities
  • Nurture the passion for Humanities through various experiential learning opportunities such as learning journeys (e.g. visit to Kranji War Memorial on Total Defence Commemoration and Marina Barrage) and enrichment programmes (e.g. URA Urban Planning Festival and NUS Geography Challenge).
  • Make learning of Humanities meaningful by deepening students’ disciplinary understanding by engaging students in discussion of real-world issues associated with the Humanities.



  • HDB Outreach Programme for Sec 1NT & 1NA students
  • NUS Geography Challenge (annual participation)
  • Fieldwork (Annual)
    • Coastal Fieldwork @ East Coast Park (All Pure Geography students)
    • Tourism Fieldwork @ Chinatown/ Little India/ Merlion Park (Sec 3 Express /Normal Academic)

Our Sec 4 students embarking on their coastal fieldwork at East Coast Park


  • Historical Investigation to the National Museum for Sec 2Exp/NA students 
  • Historical Investigation – Stories of Nazi Germany for 3Exp/3NA students
  • NLB History Workshop for Sec 1Exp students

Sec 2 historians digging up details of life under the Japanese Occupation at the National Museum of Singapore

Engaging in perspective-taking and debate as part of a unit on the Korean War

Our Sec 3s put their creativity to the test as they put together a live “museum” to showcase what they have learnt about Soviet History!

Social Studies

  • Current Affairs Quiz (Monthly) for all levels
  • Global Classroom Experience (Virtual Learning Journey to Thailand and Philippines) for Sec 1-3 students
  • CPF Game On! Programme and Workshop for all Sec 3NA/ 3Exp students
  • 3Exp/3NA Issues Investigation: Singaporeans and Migrants
  • Learning Journey to the Parliament House (2022)

Encouraging an interest in current affairs both within Singapore (Parliament visit, right), and abroad (Global classroom experience, left)

CPF Game – Using gamification to learn about financial literacy concepts such as compound interest, delayed gratification and good spending and saving habits.