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Elements of Business Skills

Our Objectives

The curriculum aims to provide students with the opportunity to develop foundational business knowledge, employability skills and values that are transferable over different areas of work for the future. It contextualizes these knowledge, skills and values within the travel and tourism, hospitality and retail sectors in Singapore.

Our Objectives

The objectives are summarized as follow:
  • To develop an understanding of basic business activities of travel and tourism, hospitality and retail industries
  • To develop marketing strategies and skills by understanding the needs and wants of customers
  • To develop communication skills to enable good customer relations and customer service

Our Approach

To enable transferability of knowledge and skills to the future workplace, the learning of skills and concepts is carried out using authentic and experiential learning approaches. Learning is designed to be interactive, with many hands-on activities to help students apply their learning in the real world.

Our Programmes

To discover the relevance and application of EBS, the EBS programme involves the following features:

  • Visits to local business settings
  • Visits to a hospitality establishment.
    • In 2018, students stayed overnight at a 5-star hotel and were given a back-of-house tour to understand the business operations of the hotel.
    • In 2019, the students went on a Cultural Immersion cum Service-Learning Trip to an Eco-Resort in Bintan, Indonesia. During the trip, the students learnt about eco-tourism, sustainability, hospitality and business operations from the eco-resort employees. At the end of their stay, they shared ideas and suggestions with the resort staff on how their business could be improved, applying their learning from their EBS curriculum.

Experiential learning at an Eco-resort at Bintan!