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Design & Technology

Our Objectives

D&T prepares students for living and working in an ever-changing world by helping them recognise the need for new or modified products/systems. It gives students the capacity and confidence to design, make and evaluate the products/systems independently.

The objectives of the D&T curriculum are as follow:
  • To engage the creative and inquisitive instinct of students by using design in problem-solving,
  • To develop basic design thinking and communication skills,
  • To allow students to realise their design through prototype making and
  • To develop autonomous decision-makers

Our Approach

The students embark on their design journey through projects during the two year course. Students advance their knowledge and skills by working side by side with their teachers who facilitate the process of designing solutions to a challenge or problem.

Our Programme

In SJC, Lower Secondary students learn Design and Technology over the course of one semester in each year. They embark on the following projects over two years:

Sec 1
  1. Design Journals
  2. Kitchen Towel Holder
  3. Toy Car (use of an electrical circuit)
Sec 2
  1. Design Journals
  2. Pull Toy (use of linkages)
  3. Automata (use of mechanisms)
  4. Participation in the Automata Competition organized by the Singapore Polytechnic

Curriculum_Design _ Technology 3.jpg
Mockup for Automata

Curriculum_Design _ Technology 4.JPGPull Toy

Interested Secondary 2 students are selected to take part in the Toy Design Competition organised by the Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering Department of the Singapore Polytechnic. This provides them an opportunity to explore and apply their learning.

In 2019, the team from CHIJ SJC won the first prize in the competition with their toy that is called “Nation’s Desire To Progress”.

Curriculum_Design _ Technology 2.jpg
First Prize in Automata Competition organized by the Singapore Polytechnic in 2019

Curriculum_Design _ Technology 1.jpg
Merit Award in Automata Competition organized by the Singapore Polytechnic in 2019