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Computer Applications

Our Objectives

Students will
  • acquire skills in using a variety of computer application software and hardware to accomplish tasks and communicate ideas;
  • appreciate the ethical, legal and security issues relating to the use of computers and ICT in society;
  • recognise the impact of ICT on society and people; and
  • develop basic computational thinking and problem-solving skills.

Our Approach

  • Key pedagogical approach includes
    1. students learning through doing where they design and create computational artefacts, generate solutions to tasks/ problems and examine computer programmes
    2. students learning through solving authentic problems by using the Stop-Think-Act-Review approach
  • Building responsibility in our students using the Responsibility Instructional Approach to develop our students as self-directed and collaborative learners.

Our Programmes

Sec 1 – 4 CPA lessons are designed with the Computing Curriculum Framework in mind.


During the Sec 1- 4 programme, students will learn more about the following computer application softwares:


The use of gamification as a pedagogy helps to promote active learning and promote student motivation.

Students learning CPA through games on Blooket and Kahoot.

Our Accolades 

Animation and Game Making (AGM) Competition 2022

  1. Christina Paul, Sec 3A attained Platinum Award for the Game category.
  2. Makayla Lavanya Mckenzie, Sec 2A attained Gold Award for the Animation category.