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Computer Applications

Our Objectives

Students will
  • acquire skills in using a variety of computer application software and hardware to accomplish tasks and communicate ideas;
  • appreciate the ethical, legal and security issues relating to the use of computers and ICT in society;
  • recognise the impact of ICT on society and people; and
  • develop basic computational thinking and problem-solving skills.

Our Approach

  • Key pedagogical approach includes
    1. students learning through doing where they design and create computational artefacts, generate solutions to tasks/ problems and examine computer programmes
    2. students learning through solving authentic problems by using the Stop-Think-Act-Review approach
  • Building responsibility in our students using the Responsibility Instructional Approach to develop our students as self-directed and collaborative learners.

Our Programmes

Sec 1 – 4 CPA lessons are designed with the Computing Curriculum Framework in mind.


During the Sec 1- 4 programme, students will learn more about the following computer application softwares: