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To develop our students to be independent and creative learners who possess an awareness and appreciation of art and music in varied forms.

Aesthetics – Music

Our Objectives:

  • To provide meaningful and authentic music learning experiences that nurture students’ musicianship and appreciation for music.
  • To develop creative expressions through individual and collaborative music making.

Our Approach:

Using the E-C-A Approach, our students learn music through:
  • Experiential music-making activities
  • Exposure to musical Concepts
  • Application of music concepts through creative music projects

Primary and Lower Secondary Music Framework.png
MOE Primary and Lower Secondary Music Framework

Our Achievement:

The lower secondary music curriculum explores an array of genres of music through Listening, Performing and Creating.

The music lessons are designed to provide students a platform for music exploration and creative music making in the following programmes:

  • Instrumental skills
  • Composing and arranging using Music Technology
  • Opportunities to attend music events to develop music appreciation
  • Ensemble music making
  • Performance opportunities to demonstrate understanding of musical concepts / skills

Students hosting and performing during the Lunchtime Concert

Our Achievement:

The Youth Station Project is a songwriting competition platform dedicated to showcasing students' original creative work in music. In its seventh year, the Youth Station Project provides student-musicians with opportunities to further develop their interest and skills in songwriting, music arranging, production and performing. This competition attracted a total of 175 entries from 75 schools across the primary, lower secondary and open categories. 

CHIJ St Joseph’s Convent had a total of two teams from the Secondary 1 and 2 cohort who submitted their original songs in April this year and final submissions were completed in August. One of the team was selected as the Top 20 Finalists in the Lower Secondary Category and was awarded an honourable mention. Their song “Love Yourself” has been posted on the SYF Official Youtube Channel. 

Congratulations to all participants of the Youth Station Project!