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To develop our students to be independent and creative learners who possess an awareness and appreciation of art and music in varied forms.

Aesthetics – Music

Our Objectives:

  • To provide meaningful and authentic music learning experiences that nurture students’ musicianship and appreciation for music.
  • To develop creative expressions through individual and collaborative music making.

Our Approach:

Using the E-C-A Approach, our students learn music through:
  • Experiential music-making activities
  • Exposure to musical Concepts
  • Application of music concepts through creative music projects

Primary and Lower Secondary Music Framework.png
Figure 2: Primary and Lower Secondary Music Framework

Our Programme:

The lower secondary music curriculum explores an array of genres of music through Listening, Performing and Creating.

The music lessons are designed to provide students a platform for music exploration and creative music making in the following programmes:

  • Instrumental skills
  • Composing and arranging using Music Technology
  • Opportunities to attend music events to develop music appreciation
  • Ensemble music making
  • Performance opportunities to demonstrate understanding of musical concepts / skills

Aesthetics Music 1.jpg
Aesthetics Music 2.jpg