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To develop our students to be independent and creative learners who possess an awareness and appreciation of art and music in varied forms.

Aesthetics – Art

Our Objectives:

  • To provide meaningful and authentic art learning experiences that nurture students’ creativity and appreciation for the visual arts.
  • To develop creative expressions through individual and collaborative art making.

Lower Secondary Art Framework.png
Figure 1: Lower Secondary Art Framework

Our Approach:

Students learn art through:
an investigative, student-centered inquiry based learning approach that focuses on their questions, ideas and analyses.

Our Programme:

In the lower secondary art curriculum, students learn to Perceive, Communicate and Appreciate through the learning of the:

  • Context of Artmaking – conditions that lead to the ideas of the work and why works are created in certain ways
  • Artistic Processes – methods that artists use to gather and develop ideas for the works
  • Media – how to use materials, tools and techniques
  • Visual Qualities – how to use elements or art and principles of design to create desired effects

At the upper secondary art curriculum, students develop their technical and explorative skills through exposure to various 2D and 3D art medium. The students deepen and develop their appreciation of, interest and critical thinking in art through the affordances of ICT, experiential learning journeys to art institutions and organizations, as well as art enrichment workshops.

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