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Parent-School Collaboration


Parents Prayer Group

  • As a Parent Prayer Group, the team of parent volunteers supports one another though prayers and actions.

  • Conduct prayer meetings twice a month as we pray for the school, students, teachers and parents.
  • This is conducted every 1st Monday and Every 3rd Thursday of each month.


Path Finders/Navigators

This programme supports the school in their Education and Career Guidance Programme in the following:

    • Participate as Guest speakers in the School Career Day
    • Work with School for industry visit for students
    • Provide opportunities for our students to attend up to 2 weeks of internship attachment to gain valuable work life experience
    • Interviewers for Mock Interview sessions to prepare Sec 4 & 5 girls for EAE/DSA applications to tertiary institutions.
    • Attend Enhance Career Guidance (ECG) programme organised by MOE representing the school and share knowledge from the ECG programme


Social Enterprise Project Sales

  • A PSG fund raising initiative to support the school’s Pocket Money Fund for financially needy students.
  • The team of volunteers organizes the sale of Mother’s Day Gift Set for students to show appreciation to their mothers.
  • All proceeds after deducting cost are donated to the School Pocket Money Fund.


PSG Support - School Activities

  • Volunteer / Participants for school events/activities
    • Sports Day / Cross Country
  •  Support for key school activities / programmes

    • Little bag of encouragement to keep up positive spirit for  national exam preparations of graduating students
    • Teachers’ Day Goodie Bag to show appreciation to all staff of school.
    • Presenter/Speaker at annual Sec 3 Career’s Day
    • Interviewers for Mock Interviews to prepare for EAE/DSA application interviews


Parents Networking & Bonding Activities

*The following activities were conducted prior to COVID19 outbreak in 2020.

  • Father-Daughter Breakfast
  • PSG CNY networking night with new parents
  • PSG year end celebration and appreciation night
  • PSG  Family Year end trip to Batam 2 days 1 night
  • Labrador Nature Walk & Mother’s Day High Tea