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Mission, Objectives, Focus Areas

Our Mission:

Partners in Education to provide quality and holistic education

Our Objectives

  1. Positive partnership between parents and school – work with the school to promote life-long learning and support a holistic education for SJC girls.
  2. Opportunities for parents to volunteer, share and contribute knowledge and time for pupils’ benefit.
  3. Opportunities for parents to network and support one another.

Our Focus Areas:

Supporting the School & the Family

  • Understand the school culture, work with the school leaders to create a conducive learning environment for the students
  • Exchanging ideas on parenting and sharing the journey of your daughter’s secondary school education.
  • A place for team-bonding, team work and to enjoy the friendships and experience of learning, caring and sharing together.
  • Extend our Love, Hope and Believe
    • to students who need our assistance and support as they deserve a chance to learn and grow.
    • At the same time we groom and develop our own children.
  • Every parent volunteer is given an opportunity to serve and participate and we have a common goal of making this school the best school for our daughter.