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President's Message

Dear Josephians,

It is my honour to serve as the President of the CHIJ SJC Alumnae.

2020 and 2021 have been challenging years for all of us, and as we emerge from these trying times, it has become increasingly important to find a community of support. The SJCA is one such community, bringing together generations of girls who have made lasting connections with each other since their ‘golden days’ in school.

As we find our new normal, the SJCA looks to you, past and present Josephians, to reinforce our connections to each other, and build on our collective strengths to serve SJC as she charts her future.

Many alumnae are already participating at so many levels, giving their time, talent and treasure. In big ways and small, your contributions to the school are important and valuable, and we are grateful for your generous support.

There are so many ways in which you can keep SJC alive:


  • Wear It Out – Proudly show off your SJC apparel (tote bags, stickers, badges) wherever you are.
  • Talk It Up – Share your fondest SJC experiences with others (prospective students, friends) and be an SJC Ambassador.
  • Get Involved – Stay informed by joining our Facebook page, and better yet, join the CHIJ SJC Alumnae Association.


We want to keep you connected to SJC so that future generations of Josephians can benefit from a network of women of distinction, who pursue excellence and are rooted in the values of love and integrity.


Our hope is that you will support our mission by becoming an active part of this community. As alumnae, we are a vital thread in the fabric of this school. We would love to hear from you and welcome your suggestions on how we can become a more connected community.



Aruna Johnson

President, CHIJ SJC Alumnae Association, 2021-2022












Dear Josephians,


The St. Joseph’s Convent Alumnae is looking for new members, and we need YOU!


You may ask, Why Join the Alumnae?; For What Purpose?; How does it benefit me? Well, the Alumnae aims to:


1.     Promote a spirit of friendship and mutual co-operation among members.


2.    Establish a continuing link with our alma mater and help SJC in whatever way it can (e.g. giving aid/assistance to the needy and less fortunate students, supporting the school by giving career talks, interviewing students for awards).


3.    Promote and organise social/cultural activities (like get-togethers, annual dinners, talks) to keep alumnae connected to the school.


The current committee is excited about welcoming new members into the fold to chart our next chapter. It is only with your generous help that we can do more for our alma mater.


If you are keen to support SJC and our mission, please complete and return the application form and cheque to:

CHIJ St. Joseph’s Convent

62 Sengkang East Way

Singapore 548595


Your Sincerely,


Aruna Johnson

President, CHIJ SJC Alumnae Association, 2021-2022