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Dear Ex-St Josephian,

The Membership Committee of St. Joseph’s Convent Alumnae is embarking on a Membership Drive and we need “new Blood” to inject new and fresh ideas in the Alumnae, and we NEED YOU! We are inviting you to join the Alumnae as a LIFE MEMBER (preferably).

You may ask “Why Join the Alumnae?” “For What Purpose?” “How does it benefit me?” etc……..Well, the Alumnae aims to:-

  1. Promote a spirit of friendship and mutual co-operation among members.
  2. Establish a continuing link with our Alma Mater and to help SJC in whatever way it can, e.g. giving aid/assistance to the needy and less fortunate pupils. We are sure you still have fond memories of our Alma Mater and the friends that you had made through the years! The Alumnae aims to provide that continuing linkage and to keep in touch with long lost pals of SJC through the Alumnae.
  3. Promote and organise social/cultural activities (like get-togethers, annual dinners, dances, Christmas parties, etc.) and intellectual activities (eg, self development courses, art and crafts) and sports and recreation.

The current Committee is trying to revamp the image of the Alumnae to a more lively and fun association by having regular news circulars to members informing them of What’s Happening? Who’s Who? Forthcoming Activities, School News, Comments, Feedbacks from members, etc…

So, please give us your SUPPORT and JOIN THE ALUMNAE! You can do so by completing and returning the Application Form (preferably as a LIFE MEMBER) together with your cheque to us.
(Completed application form and cheque can be posted to:
CHIJ St. Joseph’s Convent
62 Sengkang East Way
Singapore 548595

Your Sincerely,

Ms Aruna Johnson