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CentreStage (Drama & Debates)

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CentreStage, is a fun-filled CCA where students are provided with a platform to express themselves eloquently, articulately and persuasively. During their weekly sessions, they are taught fundamental skills in drama and debates. In drama, they are trained to develop adaptive skills to improvise and be quick-witted. In debates, students are challenged to step out of their comfort zones and think out of the box in order to craft a convincing argument for their speeches. In both sessions, through both drama and debate, students engage in in-depth discussion about current affairs and social issues, allowing students to foster a deeper understanding of the world around them.


By the end of their time in the CCA, students realise that drama and debates go beyond acting and debating. They also acquire soft skills that develop their time-management and communication abilities, while allowing their self-confidence to flourish. Most importantly, students learn to be open-minded and accept each other's differences, while having fun and bonding as a CCA.


  • To hone members' critical thinking skills and enable them to express their ideas confidently.
  • To develop member's comprehensive understanding of drama and debate, and develop the relevant skills in both fields.
  • To develop member's understanding of the world and provide platforms for them to advocate for social issues.
  • To provide opportunities for members to develop their leadership skills through platforms such as facilitating trainings, as well as organising CCA camps.

CCA Information

    • Monday, 3:45 pm to 6:15 pm
    • Wednesday 3:45om to 6:15pm
    • Friday: 3:45 pm to 5:45 pm* (During competition
    • Mon & Wed: B02-05 (Drama)
    • Mon & Wed: Library (Drama)
    • Mon, Wed & Friday: I&E Room (Debate) 
    • Ms Neo Hui Ning Melissa (IC)
    • Mrs Rachel Tan
    • Ms Afroza Begum Bte Kamal
    • Ms Samatha Han Jia-Wen


Name of Competition
2021Singapore Youth Festival Arts PresentationEnglish Drama

Certificate of Distinction
2021Raffles Debate Academy
Under-14s Debate
Championship 2021
Raffles Debate
(Silver Division)
Runner up for the Silver Division 
Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation
English Drama
Certificate of
2019Hua Yi Debate ChampionshipDebate Circle Runner up for the silver division 
RE: ACT - Interschool acting competition
Organised by
Inward Bound
Best Team & Individual Performance
2018Raffles Debate Academy
Under-14s Debate
Championship (Silver
Debate Circle Championship 
2018Community Problem Solving Competition  Debate Circle Finalists 
2018 National Public Speaking Competition (Secondary Category)Debate Circle8th place 
Singapore Youth Festival
Arts Presentation
English Drama
Certificate of Distinction
2017National Public Speaking Competition (Secondary Category) Debate Circle 4th place 
2016National Public Speaking Competition (Secondary Category)Debate Circle4th place 
Singapore Youth Festival
Arts Presentation
English Drama
Certificate of
2014 Community Problem
Solving Competition
Debate Circle Finalists 
2014Singapore Secondary
Schools Debating
Championship (SSDCS)
division 1
Debate Circle Quarterfinals
2014National Public Speaking Competition (Secondary Category)Debate Circle 13th place
National Public Speaking Competition (Secondary Category)
Debate Circle
Top 20 speakers:  8th
and 11th place

Performance / Events

Name of Performance/ Event
Teachers’ Day Performance – Online
Teachers’ Day Performance – Online
2019National Day - Emcees