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National Police Cadet Corps

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SJC NPCC Unit was started in the late 1960s as one of two uniformed group CCAs in the former school site in Hillside Drive and functioned until the mid-1980s before the CCA was closed. The unit was re-started in 1999. It has since grown in strength in membership and in our quality of programmes, achieving excellent results as a unit and in numerous areas.

The unit has consistently done well to attain the annual Unit Overall Proficiency Award since its eligibility in 2003 – Silver (2003 to 2005 & 2013 – 2014) and Gold (2006 – 2012, 2015 – 2017).  In addition, at least 1 outstanding cadet also attained the SPF NPCC Award, the pinnacle award for NPCC cadets.

Our NPCC’s four-year programme offers a wide range of activities such as drills, weapons training, self-defence tactics, outdoor camps, crime scene investigation training as well as community involvement projects. The unit works hand in hand with Singapore Police Force to promote a safe and secure Singapore through workshops and programmes such as Police Youth Ambassador. Cadets are also provided with opportunities to represent the unit to take part in various inter-unit competitions to bring glory to the unit. Activities such as local education visits and Values-in-Action (ViA) activities are also organised annually to develop our cadets holistically to be concerned citizens. Leadership development opportunities also abound within the CCA and at HQ level to develop.

The tradition to pursue excellence runs through all aspects of SJC NPCC training, inculcating in our cadets a strong sense of discipline, integrity, resourcefulness and confidence as we develop them into responsible individuals capable in facing any new challenges that may arise.

The 6As – namely Aware, Acquire, Actuate, Aspire, Achieve and Aim – defines the progressive learning path of a cadet from a new recruit at Secondary One to a youth leader and an officer. It also identifies the six desired training outcomes of its programmes.

Level 1 (Sec 1)
AWARE of Self, Others, SPF and NPCC
Knowing oneself
Level 2 (Sec 2)
ACQUIRE skills and knowledge
Stepping out and interacting
Level 3 (Sec 3)
ACTUATE as leader
First taste of taking charge
Level 4/5 (Sec 4/5)
ASPIRE to serve
Stepping out to lead
Youth Leaders (CIs)
ACHIEVE competency in skills and knowledge
Leading others
AIM to nurture
Developing others


  • To provide cadets with opportunities for leadership development with tasks that challenge their abilities and imbibe in them strong character and civic, social and moral values.
  • To cultivate a culture that encourages cadets to treat fellow cadets with respect, courtesy and tact and in turn demonstrates care and concern to others
  • In our collaboration and identification with the Singapore Police Force,
    • help to build a stronger bond of friendship with them, and so lead to a safer place for all in the country.
    • adopt its tradition of high standards of performance, commitment, duty and service, to seek to excel and to face up to challenge


The SJC NPCC unit has a vibrant programme for all members from Sec 1 to 5.
  • Unit and Cadet Leader camps [NCO]
  • Enrichment courses such as air pistol, forensic science and first aid
  • CCA Experience for Secondary One Orientation programme
  • Values in Action (VIA) through service learning projects such as Befriending @ All Saints Home and coastal cleaning
  • Outdoor field trips such as Treetop Walk, Hike at Southern Ridges
  • Community Projects/Collaboration with Sengkang Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC)
  • Opportunities to be selected for various parades – Annual Parade, NDP, SYF
  • NPCC HQ activities / programmes / competitions (.22 Revolver Shooting, Police Heritage Visit, Civil Defence Course, SANA course, Law and Enforcement, Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) / Sec 2 ATC/ Sec 3 STC @ Pulau Ubin / Inter-Unit .22 Revolver Shooting , Campcraft or Drill Competitions
  • Area 7 Games Day
  • Farewell Night for graduating cadets
  • Welfare celebrations – birthday celebration and cadet’s academic/ non-academic achievements

CCA Information

    • Friday, 3.45pm – 6.15pm
    • B1/Block E, NPCC Room & Classrooms
    • Ms Joanna Goh (IC)
    • Ms Ong Suat King
    • Ms Iris Teh
    • Mr Alvin Toh


NPCC Unit Overall Proficiency Award (UOPA) - From 2003 to 2020
Outstanding Performance (Gold Award for 5 consecutive years)
2003 - 2005
2006 – 2013
2014- 2015
2016 - 2020
phased out

NPCC Unit Overall Proficiency Award (UOPA) - From 2022

Gold Award

Name of Competition
Inter-Unit Footdrill Competition

Unit Games Day – Puddle Jumper
Area 7
Unit Games Day – 3-legged Ping Pong Race
Area 7
HQ organized Inter-Unit .22 Revolver Shooting Competition

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