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Pixel Playhouse

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At Pixel Playhouse, students are offered an opportunity to explore their interests in photography, videography, storyboarding, social media and Public Announcement (PA) through a range of exciting programmes. Students hone their skills by attending workshops, participating in national schools competitions, providing photography, videography and PA support for all school events and exposure to authentic learning through learning journeys and on-the-job project works.

A key strength of the CCA is our participation in the annual digital animation competition organised by Nexus for students and youth to express their thoughts about Total Defence. The past 3 years have seen at least 1 team making it to the top 10 finalists and some teams reaching the top 100 or top 40 teams amongst hundreds of teams from schools in Singapore.

At Pixel, we believe in being effective, organised and giving our best in all that we do and thus our motto – Winning Every Moment.


  • To develop in members a passion for the various range of digital media art offered to gain experience.
  • To provide opportunities to explore and develop creativity through digital art media
  • To develop the skills and competency of members in the various digital art media to enable them to provide effective service and strive for excellence at school events and competitions.
  • To develop leadership skills and build responsibility, commitment and teamwork.


  • Photography, videography and PA service support for all school events
  • Games Development workshop using Scratch 2.0,
  • App Development workshop using Android Studio.
  • Collaboration with Family Central in an Intergenerational Learning Programme through a student-led handphone photography workshop with seniors
  • Participation in national school photography competition, “Our Schools, Our Stories” organized by Ministry of Education
  • Participation in national photography competition, “Singapore Garden Photographer of the Year” organized by N-Parks
  • Participation in “N.E.mation!”, annual digital animation competition organized by Nexus.
  • Learning Journeys to Singapore Botanic Gardens and Punggol Waterway Park for outdoor photography experience

CCA Information

    • Monday & Wednesday, 3.45 pm to 6.15 pm
    • Computer Lab 3 & 4
    • Ms Tiffany Wee (IC)
    • Mr Mark Chan Chee Keong
    • Mr Chung Sing Leong


Name of Competition
 2021 Appreciating NSmen Video CompetitionOpen Bronze Award & Merit Award 
N.E.mation 2020
Secondary Schools
Top 10 Finalist
N.E.mation 2019
Secondary Schools
Top 10 Finalist
Special Award: Social Media Award
N.E.mation 2018
Secondary Schools
Top 10 Finalist
N.E.mation 2017
Secondary Schools
Top 10 Finalist
N.E.mation 2016
Secondary Schools
Top 100 Finalist

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