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Culinary Arts Club



The Culinary Arts Club is a platform where students experience hands-on sessions on the art of food preparation, cooking, presentation and serving. However, we do not just prepare palatable food, pleasing to the eye. Our members also conduct research on themes, present their findings and reflect on processes too.

We also organize learning journeys to a variety of places related to food resources such as local farms, markets and restaurants to broaden our culinary knowledge and further our culinary adventures. We learn much and are often challenged to step out of our comfort zone. We believe that these activities will allow our club members to grow and deepen the skills and passion of our budding chefs! The Culinary Arts Club encourages camaraderie and strives to work together efficiently, to live up to our motto: BAKE. EAT. LOVE


  • To help our students to be self-directed learners, equipped with skills and knowledge to manage a lifelong healthy lifestyle.
  • To help our members to hone and develop skills and techniques pertaining to culinary arts.
  • To develop students who possess critical & inventive thinking, and are confident and artistic.


  • Learning Journeys
  • Annual day camp
  • Values-in-Action initiatives

CCA Information

    • Monday, 3.45 pm to 5.45 pm
    • Kitchens 1 & 2 and EL HR 
    • Mrs Cindy Soon (IC)
    • Mdm Ng Ai Khim
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