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CHIJ Youth Mission

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The CHIJ Youth Mission provides an enabling environment for girls to recognize and promote the dignity of human persons especially the disadvantaged.

Our activities include meaningful community involvement programmes like fund raising projects for the needy and volunteering at Homes for the Elderly. Members are transformed by the experience of servant leadership and grow as they listen to the needs of others in their community.

The CHIJ Youth Mission is a CCA special to the school and the four other IJ Schools, CHIJ Toa Payoh (Secondary), CHIJ St. Nicholas, CHIJ St. Theresa's, and CHIJ Katong. This bond shared by the CHIJ schools reflects the IJ mission and vision that belongs to all the IJ schools as all IJ Youth Mission members in the school are provided with the opportunity to participate in the annual IJ Youth Mission Inter-School competition to showcase our community service and programme for the year.


  • To promote the spirit of mission and service to the broken, poor and forgotten.
  • To develop the social, cognitive, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being of youths.
  • To build fellowship and relationships between IJYM committees of the CHIJ schools.


  • Visiting the St Theresa’s Home and All Saints Home for the Aged
  • Food collection and distribution to needy families
  • Fund raising for outreach activities; e,g, sale of roses & chocolates for Valentine’s Day
  • Joint IJYM activities with the four other CHIJ schools’ IJYM CCA
  • Inter-CCA VIA projects collaboration
  • Partnership for outreach projects with community groups / organisation
  • IJYM Annual Day Camp
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CCA Information

    • Wednesday, 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm.
    • EL Home Room (E-01-04) 
    • Ms Adeline Ng (OIC)
    • Mdm Sharon See


Name of Competition/Project
IJYM Inter-Schools Competition
Distinction Award
IJYM Inter-Schools Competition
Accomplishment Award
IJYM Inter-Schools Competition
Accomplishment Award
IJYM Inter-Schools Competition
Distinction Award
IJYM Inter-Schools Competition
Achievement Award
IJYM Inter-Schools Competition
Distinction Award