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Our School Crest, School Song & School Flag

Our School Crest 

The CHIJ school crest is worn by pupils of Infant Jesus schools all over the world.  It was created by IJ pupils in 17th century France incorporating into its concept and design, values and aspirations which they wished to be lived out in each CHIJ School. 
This badge is a symbol of the international unity binding together pupils from every continent, especially CHIJ pupils from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Japan.
The school crest is a badge of honour, history and distinction, inspiring every Infant Jesus school student to live a life underpinned by love in faithful pursuit of these noble ideals.

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Our School Flag

school flag.jpg
In 2019, along with all the other IJ schools in Singapore, SJC updated 
her school flag as all the IJ schools standardized the IJ school flags.

Our School Song

Saint Joseph’s, Saint Joseph’s
We pledge our loyalty to Thee.
With you, we spend our golden days,
Happy and free.

Simple in our virtue, Steadfast in our work.
Together we strive to live up to your worth.

In one resounding voice we sing
To your praise.
Long live Saint Joseph’s
With the help of God’s grace.