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General Information

(1) What are the courses of study offered in the school?
The school offers the Express, Normal (Academic) and Normal (Technical) Courses.

(2) What is the cohort intake?
In general, the Sec 1 level of our cohort will have about 200 Express, 80 Normal Academic and 40 
        Normal Technical students. 

(3) What time does morning assembly starts?
Morning assembly starts at 7.30am on regular school days. 
You may click here for more information. 

(4) What are the school fees?
CHIJ St. Joseph’s Convent is a government-aided school.
Click here for more details.

(5) How can I travel to CHIJ St. Joseph’s Convent via public transport?
The school is easily accessible via public transport.
Bus Services: SBS 50, 82, 86, 88, 119, 136, 161.
Nearest MRT Station: Seng Kang.
Nearest LRT Station: SE2 – Rumbia.

(6) Do students have a locker?
Yes, every student will have a locker. The lockers are outside their form classrooms. 

(7) What is the indicative PSLE Score range for Affiliated and Non-Affiliated students?
Please refer to the table below. You can also click here to visit MOE site for the PSLE score 







Normal Academic 


Normal Technical 


(8) Can I appeal if my daughter misses the PSLE score range or is not posted here?
Appeal will be considered if the student makes the cut-off points of the school, and if there are 

(9) What are the chances of getting into the Express/NA stream in SJC if the applicant is from a non-affiliated primary school?
From 2020, secondary schools with primary school affiliation can admit at least 20% of intake 
        from non-affiliated primary schools.
Applicants who meet the COP for non-affiliated students who place us as first choice have a 
        better chance to be posted to us.

For more information of admission requirement, you may like to visit our website: https://chijstjosephsconvent.moe.edu.sg/about-us/admission/sec-1-admission-via-psle-results

(10) What are the subjects offered in Sec 1?
Students in Sec 1 & 2 NA & Express streams study the following subjects: English, Maths, Mother 
Tongue, Science, Art, History, Geography, Literature, Food and Consumer Education (Sem 1 / 2) 
and Design & Technology (Sem 1/ 2). 

Students in Sec 1 & 2 NT stream take the following:
English, Maths, Mother Tongue, Science, Art, Food & Consumer Education (Sem 1 / 2), Technical  Studies (Sem 1 / 2), Social Studies and Computer Application.

(11) What is the difference between FCE and F&N?
FCE is Food & Consumer Education taught in Sec 1 & 2
F & N is Food & Nutrition taught as an elective subject in Sec 3 & 4.

Academic Information

(12a) When will SJC start Full Subject Based Banding (FSBB)?
CHIJ SJC will be on-board Full Subject Based Banding (FSBB) for 2022 Sec One students.  
In FSBB, students from the NT, NA and Express streams will be in mixed classes. 
Details of the FSBB will be released to 2022 Sec One students posted to the school.

(12b) If the school is on FSBB, is Subject Based Learning (SBB) still offered by the school?
Subject Based Banding (SBB) for English, Mathematics, Mother Tongue & Science will continue to 
        be offered for 2022 Sec Two students who meet the MOE’s qualifying criteria to take up SBB.
(13) How many GCE O-Level subjects can NA students take?
NA students can take up to 3 ‘GCE O-Level subjects to sit for the examination at the end of Sec 4 - 
        English, Elementary Mathematics and Mother Tongue

(14) Does SJC offer all science combinations for the streaming in Sec 3?
We have the following Science combinations for Sec 3 streaming
- 3 Pure Science of Biology, Physics and Chemistry (Express stream only)
- 2 Pure Science of either Biology or Physics and Chemistry (Express stream only)
- Combined Science of Chemistry and Physics/Biology (NA & Express streams)

Academic Information – Mother Tongue Language Related Matters

(15) My child is studying a NTIL (Non-Tamil Indian Language) in Primary School. Does she need to reapply at Secondary School?
Students who have obtained approval from MOE at the primary level to study a NTIL do not need 
        to reapply in secondary school. They should continue to offer the approved non-MTL at secondary 
        and pre-tertiary levels.

(16) Are there NTIL parallel lessons, such as Hindi conducted in your school?
SJC does not offer NTIL lessons.
Students studying NTIL are required to attend lessons with the NTIL community groups and sit 
        for examinations set by the Board for the Teaching and Testing of South Asian Languages.

(17) Can my child choose to take HMTL at Secondary School?
Students who are eligible to take HMTL will receive an MOE option form, that will be distributed 
        to them on Sec One registration day.

(18) If my child does not meet the eligibility criteria for HMTL, is it still possible for her to be offered HMTL later?
Yes, if your child meets the following criteria at the end of Sec 1 and Sec 2:
- obtained at least 75% for MT
- obtained an overall result of 70%

(19) Does the school offer MT Syllabus B (known as Foundation MT in Primary school)?
The school offers Chinese, Malay, Tamil, Higher Chinese, Basic MT (i.e. BCL, BML & BTL offered to 
NT stream)
The school does not offer MT syllabus B (i.e. CLB, MLC, TLB).

(20) Can my child apply to offer MT Syllabus B instead of doing MT?
All our NA & Express students, except for those granted MT exemption, should take Mother 
Tongue during their stint at SJC. 
For students who are eligible to take MT syllabus B, they will be considered for MTB in Sec 4.
MTB lessons are conducted outside school, at the following centres:
- CL “B”: Compassvale Secondary School / St. Patrick’s Secondary School
- ML “B”: MOE Language Centre (Bishan)
- TL “B”: Umar Pulavar Tamil Language Centre

(21a) If my child took MT in-lieu (French, German or Japanese) in primary school, does she need to continue with her private lessons in secondary school?
Yes, your child needs to continue with her private lessons and she continues to take MT in-lieu in 
        secondary school.

(21b) Is it compulsory for MT in-lieu students (taking French, German or Japanese as MT) to sit for the exam at MOE Language Centre (MOELC)?
Yes. In order to better prepare our students offering Asian/Foreign Languages as MT in-lieu for 
        their national examinations at the end of Secondary 4/5, the school will register all students to  
        take the year-end examinations conducted by the MOE Language Centre (MOELC).
The year-end examination will serve as feedback for students undertaking private study.

(22) My child was exempted from the MTL exam at PSLE. Does she still need to study a MTL at Secondary School?
If your child was exempted from taking the MTL in primary school, she will continue to be 
exempted in secondary school. There is no re-application needed.

CCA Information

(23) How many days of CCA trainings are there per week?
This depends on each of the CCAs based on the CCA’s seasonal calendar in preparation for 
        competitions or special events/projects.

(24) What time do CCAs start and end in the school?
CCAs usually start at 3.45pm after Academic Support Programme (ASP) and ends by latest at 

(25) How many/what CCAs are offered?
SJC offers a range of a total of 22 CCAs from the 4 CCA groups.

For more information of each CCA, you may like to visit our website: