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Sec 1 Admission via PSLE results

The annual Secondary 1 Posting Exercise is conducted by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to post Primary 6 students from mainstream primary schools who have sat for the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) and are eligible for secondary school. The posting process takes place once the PSLE results are released and takes into consideration the students’ PSLE results, choices of schools and availability of vacancies.

- Affiliated students from CHIJ OLGC & CHIJ OLNS (Primary Schools)
If a child is studying in CHIJ OLGC or CHIJ OLN and wants to continue secondary education in the affiliated secondary school, CHIJ St, Joseph’s Convent, she must indicate CHIJ SJC as the first choice school, in order to enjoy priority for admission to the affiliated secondary school.

Minimum Requirement for Admission
There is an Affiliate Minimum T-Score Requirement of 200 for CHIJ OLGC & CHIJ OLN students for admission to the Express course. However, being accorded priority for admission does not guarantee admission to CHIJ St.Joseph’s Convent, as it is subject to availability of places. Depending on the demand and choice patterns of that year, if there is more demand from eligible affiliates than the available places at Sec 1 posting, posting in of affiliates will be based on their PSLE scores. This may result in some affiliates not being admitted despite meeting the Affiliate Minimum Requirement.

- Non-affiliated students from other primary schools
Starting from 2020, there will be at least 20% in each stream set aside for non-affiliated students. Students from non-affiliated primary schools who wish to seek admission to CHIJ SJC will be admitted on a minimum T-Score Requirement determined by MOE, based on the applicant’s PSLE scores, demand and choice pattern of that year.

Minimum Requirement for Admission
Posting in of non-affiliates will be based on their PSLE scores. Non-affiliated school applicants may make reference to the school’s minimum T-Score Requirement for the past three years’ trend data.

For further information on the Secondary 1 Posting Exercise, please refer to the following website for details: 
Overview of Secondary 1 Posting Exercise